Saturday, November 14, 2009

Another blog-ful day....this one is about water

I think this is number 4 for the day....I am borrowing(ok, stealing), the thought from Jolyn's blog over at Budgets Are The New Black: Re-thinking your spending choices and how can you do better.

She mentioned her poor hubby car about to go ka-pout, but instead of buying a new car...they fixed the old. More economical in the long run. But in the past, they would have just gotten a new car.

We have been trying to follow this train of thought as well. Not that we don't mosey on the path of thinking of buying something.....but we end up on the side of Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

We don't have a dishwasher....never have in the 8 yrs we have lived here. But handwashing dishes uses more water. I wanted to get a double bowl side with sudsy H2O, and the other for rinse water. And along the water path...we thought about getting low flow toilets.

So off we went to look at the prices at our friendly neighborhood large chain home improvement store. Found out that a sink would run us about $150, plus we would have to cut a larger hole in the counter. Found out that the toilet would be about $200. Not in the budget.

So now I stack the dinner dishes on the counter, fill the sink, wash the dishes. Then I drain the sink and rinse the dishes. Kind of a pain...but I saved the money on getting a new sink.

Toilet....we are going to put a half gallon jug of water in the tank to displace the water. We will see....

We did get a programable thermostat. For the $26....hopefully we can save some oil usage.


  1. Your brutal honesty is one of the reasons I was referred to you by my BFF over at Coupon Chic (She loves your blog too)
    Everything IS expensive and man what a freagin pain it can be when you want it NOW!!! However, your patience and dedication to saving will so pay off in the long run. And it looks like your doing a great job!! Keep it up.

  2. oh yeah and BTW...I'm in my mid thirties...with 4 yr old twins (boy & girl..) {{smile}}