Sunday, October 4, 2009

Almost nothing to show for 2 months

If I can direct your attention to the right side of the screen..... It appears that we made some progress....but in actuality, we are less than $100 from our beginning total of debt 2 months ago. WHOOPEE.

This, my friends, is the part THEY love. The finance charges!!! We have spent a couple thousand dollars on our debt in the past 2 months and have almost nothing to show for it. We pay...they tack on a few hundred dollars in finance charges, and now you are worse off than you were.

G-man and I have to talk, but I am ready to fire the FA. Our first meeting with him was late June, and in 3.5 months, we have NOTHING to show for it. NOTHING.

I am spending my afternoon balancing the checkbook, paying bills (this week is pay week for both of us), and racking my brain on a way to make this all work.

I know some of you have made suggestions.....sell the car, sell the house. But I am not sure about those. You are probably saying to yourself...Mysti, girl....wake up and smell the coffee! Desperate times call for desperate measures!!!

I am not there yet guys. I am afraid to sell the house and then owe thousands of dollars in taxes, and our rent wouldn't be much different. I am afraid to sell G-man's car, which wouldn't even pay off the loan and then we could end up with a less than reliable car.

Go back to work full-time? Not sure how Bossy Boy would do with all that.

Sell my blood? I am ok with much can you get on the street for that????

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