Monday, October 17, 2016

Bossy's party is a day that everyone and everything is annoying me.  Just want to scream.  ARGH!!!!!!!!  Ok....moving on...

My Admin Day from last week was mostly successful.  I still have one doctor to find and schedule an appointment.  But other wise,  I did well.  Of course I have a whole new Admin list that was created in the past few days.

We had Bossy's friends over on Saturday (along with 3 parents).  As a whole, the kids did well.  It was very obvious who is the highest functioning and who was the lowest (all of them have Autism, and being a spectrum disorder, there is a wide range).  Bossy definitely was ready for the evening to be over when people left (around was about 3.5 hrs).  It was a learning experience for everyone.

As for the parents we met....we will see how it goes.  The ones who stayed were nice enough, but I don't see us really hanging out with them.  One mom dropped her son off and we would love to get to know them better, as they seemed more like our type of friends.  But at least now we have some names and faces.

As usual, I over bought for food.  Not a huge deal...we are eating the left overs.  We froze some of the leftover pizza, and I have a ton of salad to have for lunches.  Drinks will get used up.  Paper goods are always handy.  No biggie.

Have a good week, y'all!


  1. I was in that mood yesterday... I hate it! Hope you get over it soon.

  2. We usually use our hurricane supplies to entertain in the off season as we will replenish them in June anyway.