Thursday, June 30, 2016

TV update

We picked out a TV and will be getting it tonight or tomorrow.  It is a 2015 model...55" Samsung 4k UHD.  We will also get the extended protection the final bill will be about $850 ($700 + 106 + tax).  Most TVs of this type and quality were $1200- $1400, before the protection plan.

I really don't want to do this....and I was willing to wait until Black Friday.  G-man was not.  I lost that discussion.     G-man has overtime on his paycheck next Monday  (or around there due to the holiday weekend...  sometimes it shows up up early).  The remainder will come from a recent bonus check.

We have been using our tube TV from our bedroom in the meantime.

The picture stinks....but typically we only use it for an hour or so before bed.  Using it as our main TV really drives home how old it is.  It actually works fine....but it can't handle the digital stream and the screen ratio is wrong for today's part of the picture is cut off.   I get why G-man doesn't want to wait.....but I just thought we may be able to get a TV for a little less.

I suck at spending "real" money.....this seems like alot to spend to me.  But we are heavy TV watchers, so it is an investment.  Our last TV lasted 9 hopefully we will get similar wear out of this new one.


  1. Considering we have six TVs in a house with four people, no judgment here!

  2. No judgement coming from me either. We had to get a new tv a couple years ago and it was almost $800 I believe, only because we found our local Kmart was having a sale at the right time for us. Not having a TV is not an option in my house. Hope you get to enjoy your new one!

  3. No judgement here either! I watch waaay too much TV

  4. What are some of your favorite shows?

    1. As a family, we watch a lot of competition type shows....Survivor, Amazing Race, Face Off, Skin Wars. Bossy is into that stuff.

      Me personally, I have lots of different shows that I follow.

      Orphan Black, TLC stuff, tween junk like Pretty Little Liars, The Walking Dead. Lots of medical dramas...Grey's, Night Shift, Code Black.

      On any given night...I am recording stuff.