Friday, July 1, 2016

More TV news

Always a story....

No TV yet.  We decided to wait until today to get it so G-man would have more time/light to set it up.  As luck has it....Walmart has the TV on sale for another $100 off.  Yay!

I was going to pay for it on line and use the pick up in store option. G-man was going to pick it up on his way home and all would be well.

Except the on line pick up option says the TV won't be available until July 20.  Huh?  Tried other said July 12, but all the rest said July 20.

Tried calling the one will pick up in the department and no one knows anything.

The on line system says we can get free shipping to the house...for delivery on July 11.  Super.   My luck they would deliver it when I wasn't here and just leave it out front.  Sure....good idea.

So G-man is going to stop by the store and double check if we can get it today.  If not...we will order it and ship to the store.

It isn't a huge thing....I already said I would wait.  Just disappointing to make a decision and get excited....and then have to wait again.

We are happy that in will be $755, including warranty and tax.  $100 is $100.  Better in our pocket than theirs.

ETA:  G-man went by the store and they refused to honor the on line price, stating that the store and website are considered separate.  They had the tv in stock, and we could have bought it for the higher price.  They also refused to let us buy it on line and pick it up immediately, even though they have it.  Only way to get the cheaper price was order it on line and we did that and are having it sent to the Walmart 4 miles away since it should be available faster idea why.


  1. yes they definitely see 'store' and 'online' as two separate entities.

  2. That sounds so ridiculous. Customer service has fallen by the wayside in this country, and this just proves it. Glad you chose to wait, as I wouldn't want this company to make any more money.