Wednesday, February 17, 2016

That was a waste of time

I had what I thought was an interview yesterday.  I was told to bring a copy of my resume and wear business dress.  As a side note, I thought it was odd that they were telling me what to wear.  I mean, if you don't know how to dress for an interview, then you get what you get.  I suppose the company doesn't want to waste their time either, but still found it odd.

The company had contacted me after they saw my resume on-line.  I didn't apply for a job with them.  But, right now I have to keep my options open, so I set up a time to meet. was an hour long sales pitch.

There were 8 of us in a room.  Watched a video about the company and their product (long term care insurance, final expenses, etc...all tailored for the retirement age group).  Manager guy gets up and talks about how this will change your life.  This will give you unlimited earning potential.  Trips to Italy!  $30,000 bonuses!  He talked about having daytime appointments, because retired people have no where to go....but don't call them between 1pm-3pm, because they are watching their soaps (honestly...this was said).

He sort of glossed over how much work it takes to get all of that...oh and you really don't get paid until down the line.

You have to pay up front to get your license to do this, but once you sell 25 plans (which according to the video would be in about 2 months, but the manager said it really should be closer to a month) you get reimbursed.  And they will fully train you.  And they bring lunch in all the time.  And have team building outings (but found out that alcohol and ice skating don't mix).  All you need is the entrepreneurial spirit!

Selling insurance plans to older people isn't for me.  Working for months in hopes of getting a check isn't for me.  On the survey they gave out, they asked you to mark if you wanted to come back in for an interview....I marked no thank you.

Of the 8 of us in there, half left as soon as the door opened.  One guy, who was dressed in a suit and looked like he was ready to interview, just rolled his eyes while we were waiting for the elevator.  The other 4 people hung back...asked questions like can you take your family to Italy with you.  They missed the part of the presentation that said that the top 25 sellers nationally go on that trip...and there are about 5,000 people in the running.

I wasted 3.5 hours on this.  Between getting ready (all dressed for an interview, to sit in a room and not even be spoken to), travel (25 min each way), and sitting there for over an hour (including the 15 min early that I arrived, per their instructions).

Moving on....


  1. Well, that's certainly a bummer. I would be irritated.

  2. when i reade your post about this interview, i assumed it would be something like this, but i didn't want to burst your bubble. at 16, i once responded to an ad that said I could make up to $14 an hour (a whole lot at 16 when you usually make minimum wage). It ended up being a three hour sales pitch to sell knives... commission only of course. no thank you..

    1. No bubble to burst. I went into it with super low expectations. Lol

  3. I wonder if the guy giving the presentation was paid by the head?

  4. No one would have faulted you if you got up after you realized what it was and just left. Ask a manager blog had a post on this same topic not too long ago. The older I get the less I care about what the "proper" thing is to do. The blog is a great read for job hunters.

    As for the business dress comment, my current company did say come in business casual when I was interviewing and I didn't think much of it.

  5. Have you registered as a temp with an agency yet? You can work short term or long term assignments and have flexibility with your job search and kids. Best wishes!

  6. That stinks. Hope something comes along soon.

  7. Sorry for you. I have been on "Interviews" like that before and all I really needed to know from the get-go was that it was not a real job

  8. My son-in-law went to an interview for what was supposedly a warehouse position, turned out it was vacuum sales with a supposedly regular paycheck, he was told no-pressure, did one week of training and then he found out they pretty much tried to force their way into the homes. I hate scams.

  9. When I first got out of the Air Force I went to an "interview" just like that. I knew right away it wasn't for me. They called my house and tried to talk me into it. I told them no thank you. Then they called my now ex-husband and was trying to get him to tell me I HAD to take the job. WTF, no. He was not happy with them and either was I.

  10. Wait, don't you have education degree?! Apply at the school districts and colleges, anything will do for now just to get in.