Wednesday, February 10, 2016


So I just realized I never finished updating my numbers for Feb 1.  I strained my back (again) and spent a week trying to heal from that.  Add in dealing with Sassy (sigh), job stuff (nothing terribly exciting to report, but read on), and the fact that I don't want to emotionally deal with the set back from the sale of the house....and my motivation for blogging went out the window.

At this point, I will wait until the end of the week to update the number.  CC4 billing cycle ends today, so I might as well wait and see what the new number is when we add in all that lovely interest.  Sigh.

In the mean time....


My back has been an issue for close to 25 years.  As a teen, my brother pushed me in the pool and I ran after him...into the house....dripping wet....and slipped on the linoleum floor.  BAM.  Both my parents have had multiple back surgeries, so genetics aren't helping.  I have seen a chiropractor off and on for about 16 years which has always helped.  Our insurance only covers a limited number of sessions, so I use them sparingly.  Since I am not working right now, I am seriously considering going for a few adjustments, while my schedule is open.

Additionally, my energy level has bottomed out. This whole not working outside the home routine just isn't working for me.  I struggle to do everything.  I am probably a little depressed too.  I keep trying to talk myself into going for a hasn't been working so well.

I am trying to get some annual appointments in now while I am not working.  Eye doctor is next week....and I need a new contact lens fitting (mine were discontinued).  The dentist couldn't book anything sooner than March, but I am on a call list if something opens up.  Still looking for a primary care, and OB/GYN (I called one office who asked me what hospital I would be interested in delivering at....I told them my baby making days are over, and they said...oh.  NEXT).

Job Stuff

So I mentioned a few leads.  None of those panned out.   Since then, I have had one phone interview, which went really well, but I think I would hate the job. This company is WAY old school.  Like, bring the boss his coffee.  I don't see them being open to changing anything and the person I would be replacing has been there for 17 years.  Mentally, I would just have to suck it up and tell myself that it is paying the bills.  And I would continue to look for something else.  The pace that this company is moving at is very slow (even the person I spoke with said this). I will see if this even turns into an in person interview (which I was already warned could be a 2 interview process if the boss isn't available to meet on the same day as the first interview). 

I also got a call from a staffing agency that saw my posted resume.  No job in particular, but wanted to know a little more about what I was looking for, in case they do have something.

In the meantime, I just keep applying to stuff.


I already said I am not going to get into alot of the specifics about Sassy.  For every step forward, we take 2 back.  Very frustrating.  Trying to separate out what is her personality, vs being a teenager, vs adjustment stuff is exhausting. 

Bossy is now on a calorie supplement, in addition to his tube feedings, and oral eating.  We are thinking about feeding therapy.  He also might be getting his braces off (that appointment is next week) because the feeling at this point is he will need surgery so the braces might be pointless.  That surgery wouldn't be for several years though, as he needs to finish growing, and he hasn't even had his first big puberty growth spurt yet (per pediatrician....he is guessing it will happen in the next year).

I went to curriculum night at the HIGH SCHOOL last week.  Good grief, high school isn't what it used to be.  Sassy has to declare a major!  Next week is our meeting to go over her scheduling for next year.  Bossy will be in a functional living program....I am not handling that idea well, even though I know it is the best choice.


My very small, but very necessary paycheck from the work I am still doing continues to be screwed up.  Each screw up is supposed to be fixed in the next paycheck, but then there is a new screw up.  I got blamed for it yesterday....that "I" must have given him wrong info, or something is wrong with the account. is working just fine for everyone one else but YOU...and since YOU are the only one who is pushing the buttons.....

G-man's hours at the grocery store also got reduced when he said he wanted to just work one day on the weekend (but said he can work other evenings during the week).  During the initial conversation, the manager said this was fine.  In the past 6 weeks, 4 weeks had him on the old schedule, and 2 weeks had him reduced hours.  OH, and they messed up his direct deposit, which hopefully will be fixed by next paycheck.

Our savings is pretty low.  We still have our EF if we need it.  If we didn't have the debt, we would be ok.  Isn't that the kicker.....

Almost ready to do the taxes.  I am in debate about using one of the "big name" walk in type places.  I would really like someone who KNOWS about taxes...especially since we have so much going on.  But I also don't know how to find a tax accountant that is good....I can Google all I want....doesn't mean they are good.

Sorry for the long post!!!


  1. If you want a tax preparer you can go out to under the tax professionals tab and there is a directory that can be searched by zip code. These people are certified and usually less expensive than the big box places, which typically employ people who know nothing about taxes and get paid minimum wage.

    1. Certified doesn't mean they are good. Wish I could get a recommendation!

  2. High school! Argh! We have the parent meeting next week and I am having a hard time wrapping my brain around the fact that I'll have a freshman in the fall!

    I hope your back starts feeling better and that you find a new job soon. Glad to have an update!

  3. I have had my taxes done at the big box places and was never impressed with their knowledge. I heard H&R block people go through a 6 week training class and then they are free to work on people's taxes. I would rather save the money and do them myself.

    1. I have done our taxes for 15 years, but with so much in the past year, I would really like an expert. I feel like some of the large places are doing what I can do. I probably want a CPA for this go around.

    2. The only time I was ever audited was the year H&R Block did my taxes. What a headache that was. I buy the Turbo Tax software every year and my husband does ours. Easy and far cheaper.

  4. Well, until the Sassy situation cevens out a bit, it's probably a good thing you aren't working.

  5. Careful with the walk in places, they could cost as much as $300 since you have 2 states, a move etc... I went with TurboTax and it was $60 for the high end online version.


  6. I buy the H&R Block software and use that. I have for about 15 years (it used to be called TaxCut, I think). I love it. It asks everything and there is almost no way to leave anything out.