Tuesday, July 21, 2015

What a MESS!

I am trying to be calm...because accidents happen.  Accidents happen.  It was just an accident.....

While putting a load of laundry in this morning (I was so proud that I was getting such a jump on things this morning!)...I noticed water on the basement floor.  So I went to investigate...and found the freezer door open "this much". Well....FUDGE.

I went grocery shopping on Saturday, and asked a kid to please put a few things away.  Knowing whose "job" it is to go in the freezer, I am 99% sure I know who it was.  I have no idea if they have gone in there since.  I am guessing no, since they typically don't unless I ask them to get something. Stuff they use on a regular basis goes in the upstairs freezer, and the extra is stored downstairs.  I just bring up more as appropriate.  Assuming that Saturday was the last time someone went in there...it has probably been defrosting for about 2.5 days. 

Since I just went to the store, our fridge was pretty full, but I rearranged and made room for what I could.
I found some meat that was now completely defrosted, and I will have to cook tonight, assuming it smells ok.  The veggies are all defrosted, but I can probably do something with them.

I had just bought a small pork tenderloin, and luckily it was still pretty solid (it was on the bottom).  One or two other things were ok, although the boxes were gonners.

The rest....completely defrosted....completely ruined.  I had bought a bunch of stuff over the past few shoppings to try and spend less in August (and partly with the hopes that the house would sell, and we wouldn't be replenishing!).  Since the kids are home, I got alot of crappy convenience food that they like and can make for themselves.  OK, it really is for Bossy....with all his issues, I decided that I was just not going to battle on this one right now.  Sassy certainly is welcome to eat this stuff....but it isn't her first choice.

I threw out a FULL garbage bag of stuff, and there are still a few things in there that will get thrown away.  The water was just dripping everywhere, and I couldn't deal anymore.  So I shut the door.  It will all refreeze.  I will take those things out Thursday night before trash pick up.

The house is part of a "home tour" on Thursday, so I just need to get it cleaned up for now.   Over the weekend, if we don't have a showing, I will defrost the freezer totally and bleach it all out.  But that isn't happening today.  I will have to decide if I will use this freezer moving forward.  I might just consider it "move ready" (I will put a sock with coffee grounds in there....I remember my mom doing that....), and not plug it back in.  We still have our side by side in the kitchen (which doesn't hold much), so it isn't like we don't have a freezer.

Assuming that the stuff I saved is actually "saved," I probably threw out $125 worth of groceries.  Maybe a little more.

I spoke to the child in question....I was really calm....I just told them that they have to make sure the door is SHUT when they go in there...they have to push on it to make sure it is sealed.  Child feels really bad.  It was just an accident and kids have accidents.  But *sigh*.  Not what I needed.

I have to laugh a little...because the post I planned on writing was my "no spend challenge" for the rest of July.  No food spending!!  HAHAHAHA.   July is a 3-paycheck month, and G-man got some overtime on one check.  And so far...we have been putting out every Murphy emergency....my phone died, the cat needed surgery, misc house stuff.



  1. That's a bummer, for sure. Good job keeping calm. I did a little lecturing yesterday, and I was calm but grouchy and muttered the whole time I cleaned the oven. One of the kids used cooking oil (I actually wrote ASK FIRST on the cap) without asking and baked potatoes (in 100 degree weather?) also without asking first, and put them inside foil, with oil and garlic, and placed the foil-wrapped oily potatoes (are you ready for this?) on a pizza pan that is completely covered with small ventilation holes. We have plain cookie sheets, with edges! (jelly roll pans) and many other metal pans! He just happened to choose the one with hundreds of holes in it!

    He said, "Today I learned that aluminum foil can't be counted on to hold liquids.) Where do you think the oil went after it left the foil and dripped through the holes in the pizza pan?

    No fires or anything, so I guess it's a good day.

    1. That is so something that would happen here. I have been trying really hard to remember that the 13 year old brain is just not done developing and their attention to detail is not the same as an adult.

      That said....as I was cleaning up the mess (I stead of taking a walk as I had planned) I was certainly muttering!

  2. that sucks, but it was an accident after all said and done. However, just when you are getting ahead this has to happen. Onwards and upwards I guess!