Monday, July 27, 2015


I am having a really hard time blogging lately.  Probably because I don't want to say...still here, nothing new to report.  Our schedule is also different right now, so the time slot that I usually blog is otherwise filled.  But I am trying to not go too long without saying HI!

Next week is my blogiversary, so I am working on my annual summary of things.  I am excited about the numbers overall, but also realize that these numbers may change depending on what happens with the house.  If ultimately we take a loss on the house, we are going to incur debt.  That makes me sad.  Sad that we have come so far....but are facing a potential backslide.

The realtor has told us that August is typically the slowest month for home sales, but Fall picks up again.  I guess we will see.

G-man and I are talking about ways to revamp the budget to allow a little more room for his food.  Without going into another rant about my parents....let's just say that the current system isn't working very well for G-man.  I need to find a little more money for him. 

We are one month from the first day of school here (Yeah...starting in their new school is not going to happen unless something drastic happens).  We shouldn't need much in the way of "school supplies" since we have extra from years past.  Maybe a few notebooks.  I already bought Bossy a new binder (his broke toward the end of last year).  I am holding off on too many clothes.  Especially jeans for Bossy, who I think is about to start a growth spurt.

G-man booked his flight home for the end of August.  He will be home to attend a family wedding, first day of school, and the kids' birthday.  While I am happy he is coming home, saying goodbye again is going to be hard.  Pending the sale of the house, we won't see him again until Christmas.

That's it....see.....nothing too interesting to say.  Blogiversary numbers will be more interesting to those who stop by for the financial piece of my life.  But there ya go.


  1. Keep your chin up, sending love and a hug from over here

  2. This is hard on you for sure. Hang in there :).

  3. I'm glad you'll get to see your hubby soon!

  4. Check the dress code in your new district before you buy any school clothing. Having lived in the south, I can tell you that they do run things a bit differently! Here's to an offer coming soon! Good luck.

  5. This has just gone on way too long, you are in my thoughts and prayers