Monday, July 13, 2015

Quick weekend

This weekend was not nearly as crazy as the past few weekends have been.  I really needed that!  None the less, it is amazing how much gets crammed into 2 short days.

Friday night, Kitty's incision looked a little oozy.  It was mostly clear, so I wasn't overly concerned and the site itself wasn't red...but I still would rather have someone trained in these things tell me it is ok.  I called in the morning and they had me bring him in.  No infection...just a pocket of fluid that the body has produced and pooled in the "hole" left from where they removed tissue.  So now we need to do warm compresses a few times a day and Neosporin.  His stitches will come out on Thursday.

I was oh so smooth in the grocery foot got caught on the corner of a pallet while I was picking out a watermelon.  So as I attempted to walk to the cart to place my melon in...I tripped, which sent the melon flying into the cart with a crash, and I almost fell.  Nice....

I took the kids to outdoor movie night at the local college.  I may not like alot of things about CT, but the town where we live is very community-oriented and there are all sorts of things to do or avail yourself of.  We scoped out the parking situation in the afternoon (since I am not overly familiar with the actual campus), and figured out where to park, so we got a great spot near the event.  We brought drinks and snacks, and watched E.T. under the stars.  A good time was had by all.

Sunday was all those little things that you just have to do before they get away from ya.  Mowing the lawn, laundry, picking up here and there.  I made dinner (pork chops, spiced apples, noodles, and broccoli) and in true kiddo liked it and the other didn't.  The biggest issue of the phone got fried.  That really wasn't on the agenda.  I ended up getting a new phone, and may take it back.....I don't think I like it (Galaxy 6).  I want to give it a few more days...but I don't really like it (it is too narrow, and I am HATING the wireless charger!!!).  Plus I need to figure out how to get the old phone to power up (which it isn't doing now) so I and try and save my pictures!!  Note to self....back everything up!!

But here we are....back at Monday.  And my mind set now changes to all the things that need to happen this week.  This sets my head reeling, and I get that brief moment of being overwhelmed. On the agenda for this week....several phone calls, a few returns to make, lots of banking stuff (deposit a few checks, bills...including the ever so fun car taxes!, update stuff, balance the checkbook), a doctor's appointment, vet appointment, Tour of Homes, hair cuts. And of course all the usual house stuff, kid stuff, etc.  One day at a time!

Hope you had a good weekend too!


  1. Re: Phone/pictures. There certainly are hazards involved with dematerializing (my own word) stuff like that. This applies to addresses/phone numbers and music as well. I find comfort in hard copies. Then again, I refuse to get a cell phone, so what do I know? Our whole family uses one very dumb cell phone. Yeah, my teens love that.
    Your dinner situation could be mine. Every. Night. I have a rule of eat what you want, leave what you don't, but the first person who complains about the food makes dinner the next night. I can force you to the table, insist you act civil, but I never force you to eat what you don't like,. If you don't like it, you may find something else AFTER you've been excused. Yet, they still gripe. You can't win for losing, sometimes, can you?
    Hope Orange Kitty heals!
    Here's to a good week.

    1. I love hard copies of some things. I have gotten somewhat lazy with digital pics. Not just with back up. .but organization!

      Re: dinner....they are welcome to get something else if they really want to. They usually don't. It is easier to eat whatever is there even if it isn't a favorite. Oh well.

  2. Poor kitty! Good thing he's okay.

    My baby (okay, 20 month old) loves cats just like me. His favorite word is kiiee and he says it all the time. He pets our cat and is just in heaven.

    1. My kids were like that too. And still are at almost 13!

  3. Well Mysti you and I are of the same ilk always tripping in public.