Thursday, July 9, 2015

Random Stuff

I have fallen out of a blogging habit.  Maybe it is because there really isn't anything interesting to say.  Maybe it is because my schedule is just different than it was.  But I am still here, and I will try to not just "disappear" moving forward!!


The holiday weekend was a non-stop festival of painting, cleaning, and misc stuff.  The dining room/office looks "brighter" with the new paint, but the suggestion from the home stager was to move the area from the living room into this room.  Now there isn't a rug in the living room....and my coffee table is a similar tone to the wood floor.  I don't like it.  But if it is going to sell the house....whatever.

The photos were taken on Tuesday, and we should get them back today.  And the house should be up and listed by tomorrow.  So off the races we go!

I have finally had to admit that we need to put the window a/c units in.  It was 86 in the house yesterday, with all the windows open and fans going. I tried on my own to bring up the living room unit, and it was just too heavy.  So a friend is coming by this evening to help me.  I am going to try and get the kids' units in too...Sassy had a hard time sleeping and ended up on the couch (even though I think her room was cooler!!).


Kitty had his surgery on Tuesday and is doing well.  His pathology results should be in by tomorrow, but the vet is optimistic that we got it all.  He is shaved near the surgical site, so hopefully it won't take long to grow back.  And he is wearing a cute little cone....I am sure it isn't comfortable for him....but he really does look cute in it.

Fortunately, G-man had some rare overtime recently (his new office usually does comp time for these types of things), but his team leader managed to get some overtime approved.  The overtime money was just about the same as the surgery cost (and next week's office visit for suture removal).  So no debt damage done....but we were doing the surgery even if we didn't have the overtime money.


Three weeks since school let out.  They are ok.  Sassy is reading alot, and won a raffle at the library for the summer reading program.  She won a $15 gift card to a cupcake shop.  :)  Bossy hasn't complained about being bored yet, so that is a plus.  They both have been doing the list of chores I leave them most days (nothing huge on their lists, but stuff that really helps me out). 

Their birthday is coming up in August, and we are at a loss for ideas for a gift.  It shouldn't be this hard, but it is!  G-man is planning on coming home for their birthday (which also coincides with school starting), unless the house has sold.  In that case, he will come home when we are moving.  So the kids have a mixed hope...hope the house sells vs hope it doesn't sell so Dad is home for their birthday.

And that is I said...nothing too interesting!  The checkbook is holding its own....the debt is doing its thing.....I will update the debt at my blogiversary in August, but it is nice to be in the 40's.  Hope everyone else is doing well!


  1. Sounds like overall things are going well! :) Yes, get that air in! lol!! We have our central air going and i'd be miserable without it.. the humidity kills me here. So it's nice to have fresh, cool air even though way pay BIG $$ for it.. *sigh*

    1. We are used to the spike in the electric bill in the summer....but to get to 1/3 of the way through July without AC is terrific. But wow was the unit heavy! I can't wait to deal with some of the humidity from the sticky.

  2. Sending lots of good mojo your way!! This is it, I can feel it!

  3. So CT starts school in August now? That tends to be a southern thing..start in August to prepare for the standards tests in May. Frankly, I find pre-Labor Day start dates abhorrent!
    I grew up in New England. I hated summer and humid. But, "it cools down at night, doncha' know?" No. It doesn't. And nothing was air conditioned, nor would my folks spring for window units. Actually, even running a hair dryer (which we weren't allowed to do in summer or on weekends) tripped the circuits in our 200 year-old house. An a.c.unit was my first splurge in my first apt. When we were transferred to Texas, I told dh I would sooner live without heat than a.c. Funny thing, when we lived there, the electric company would send out notices advising you to keep your thermostat at 80 degrees Fahrenheit "for comfort and cost efficiency." What???? To my way of thinking, a c. is a necessity, at least at night. Although, (and I can't believe I am saying this) HERE, although we have central, we really don't need it, because it really DOES cool off at night.

    1. Since my kids have been in school, they have started the last week in August, with the exception of the year with the hurricane and the year they opened the new high school.

      We also trip the breaker when the AC is on. You can't run the tv, microwave and AC together. We tried a different plug...but then you couldn't run Sassy ' s bedroom AC and the one downstairs (was more of an issue when the kids were little).

      We didn't have AC the first summer we were in the house...and I was pregnant! We got AC the next was just too hot for the babies.

      The eevenings have cooled off enough that for me, I don't need AC at night. The fan is enough. But the house just holds it has gotten really warm overall. We are going into warmer weather in the coming it is time!