Thursday, July 30, 2015

A Day of The Wants

I was in a shopping mood.  Like, all I could think about all day was shopping.  None of it was stuff that I needed per se (for example....I will need new sneakers soon, but not NOW).  I just wanted to go shopping.  Included in my "wants" for yesterday....thanks to some recent monitor shopping:
  • A purple and blue infinity scarf
  • A blue leather purse
  • Nail polish
  • Shoes
  • Alex and Ani bracelet
  • Workout clothes (I have been actively trying to lose weight....)
  • Sneakers
  • Painted Mandala stone
  • Wayward Pines Books (did you watch the tv series this summer??)

It is very rare that I get into this kind of mood.  All that stuff is for me.  I am the gal who can't come up with anything when hubby asks me what I want for my birthday, Christmas, etc.  Well, I guess I have a "wish list" started now. 

A few of the items were on Zulily, so those exact items won't be available later (or probably not....I have noticed some things come back around).  The purse was particularly lovely to me, and I was so tempted to get it ($100). 

But part of the mood was wanting to GO shopping.  I wanted to wander in and out of little shops, get lunch, wander some more.  Maybe get a pedicure.  Sounded great in my mind.

But I didn't.  I didn't get any of it.  I just had a day of "the wants." 

Instead, I worked until 2:30, came home to meet the plumber, made dinner, cleaned the house for 2 showings today, went for a walk with my friend, watered the plants, and called it a night. 

The mood has mostly past now.  Except for the purse......that one is still lingering.  *wink*


  1. You're in a difficult position. Good for you for not caving. Any new feedback on the house?

    1. We had a home tour last week....the feed back made it sound like we live in the slums. I think they really were referring to our next door neighbor.

      A few negatives included having older windows, the pool. Someone thought our bath mat wasn't white enough. Another person didn't like my cats (I have had so many people tell me how great my cats are and that my house doesn't smell like pet).

      They all said it was a nice house, clean, well maintained. But felt the neighborhood was a prob and the price wasn't in line because of that. Yet, 2 other houses with 2 blocks sold for 2k less than what we are asking and that one is on the main road!

    2. You can't change the neighborhood. Is there anything you can do with your neighbor to spruce up their place? Now the lawn or something?

    3. He is running an auto repair business of sorts....his garage is falling down, car parts all over....

  2. You do need to treat yourself once in a while. Life isn't just about paying down our stupid debt and not having anything. It is about managing what we have and still enjoying a splurge. Your house will sell, I know it will, I can feel it.

    1. We have 2 showings the kids and I need to go find something to do.I have a Target gift card....maybe something will fall in the basket. ;)

  3. My suggestion is to get one or two of the things on your "want" list. It may make you feel like a million bucks to have a new purse or some sharp-looking nail polish and new workout clothes or shoes.

    1. I am thinking of getting good some workout clothes with my gift card. I can feel good while I am walking.

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  4. I get those feelings too. But, like you said, mitt more of a want to go out and about, rather than a material want. It's a diversion from a rut of daily tasks, I think. Oddly, when I "need" something, I have to be dragged kicking and screaming to the stores. A trick I use when I shop for wants is to circle the shop 3 times with the item. Often, I put it back. I also find that the thrift shops satisfy this shopping urge, as does the library. I can go to the library and reserve all manner of items...either in person with the librarian, or online on their computers. Using a gift card is a great way too to get it out of your system. Just remember, anything you bring into the house must be dealt with at the move.