Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Wrapping Up The Chaos

Maybe....just maybe.....things are calming down.....

It is going to snow again on Thursday....no idea how much.  Anyone want some snow?  Free for the taking!  I am so sore from shoveling.  However, I have lost 4 pounds in the past 2 weeks....the stress and snow diet??

Got my car back yesterday...almost got killed on the way to get it.  Another story....geez, I have no idea how regular people just go and do stuff and nothing happens.....  The quick version:  The girl who was driving me from the rental place to the shop TOTALLY blew through a red light.  Like, she was in her own little world (not the best place to be while you are driving in a snow storm)...and didn't even slow down.  A car was coming from the side street....and almost T-boned us (me!!!!!). 

So I have my car back....hopefully we are DONE with this.

My mother-in-law told G-man she was going to send us a check to help out with the cost of all of this.  I called her and told her it was generous, but not necessary.  We will take care of it.  She said she just feels so bad that I am on my own here dealing with everything under the sun, and it is the only way she can help.  So, thanks MIL!  No idea how much the check is for, but it will be going directly towards the car expenses.

Sassy will be home late tonight.  I miss her little face!  Her teacher uploaded almost 200 pictures yesterday!  Most have other kids in them....but thought I would share this one of my girl....I am glad to see she is bundled up!


  1. It was very kind of your MIL to offer to help. Accepting help can be humbling but sometimes we just need to let others help. My parents handed me a card before Christmas stuffed with money(my husband has been off work sick since June-on a very reduced pay). My first instinct was to give it back(have never borrowed money from any relative ever). My sister(who does not know about the gift) said sometimes we need to allow people to do kind things for us and not feel bad about it. She was right. My coworker's also gave my family a huge care package when my husband was hospitalized. It was so very touching.
    Long story short, let people help you and don't feel bad about it.

    Sassy looks happy. Hope she had a great time.

  2. Can't wait to hear all about your daughter's trip. Very nice of you MIL to offer that help.

  3. I hope your car is fixed for good - sounds like an ordeal!

    I bet you will have one tired (and hopefully happy!) kid on your hands when Sassy gets home!

  4. I love that pic of Sassy. What a beautiful girl! That's very kind of your MIL. Take it and pay it forward at a later time--maybe way down the way when you can be the generous MIL.