Tuesday, February 17, 2015

just busy

Sorry for the MIA!   February is insanely busy and I am so glad it is halfway over.

Sassy enjoyed her trip to Ooh La La.  I am glad her teacher took pictures because the ones that Sassy took....well....she tried.  We have alot of selfies with silly faces and lots of bare trees and snow. I hopefully we will be able to cobble it together into a book.  She came home with $20 Canadian, so it isn't worth the expense or time to get $10 (since there is a $10 fee to do it).  She can keep it as a souvenir.

She brought home a lumberjack coat as her big souvenir.   *shaking head*

I still need to do taxes.  And about a zillion other things.  My days are non stop appointments, snow, and work.  I really need a catch up day....


  1. Hey you never know you may get to Canada again so the $20 will come in handy. What's important to a tween/teen always baffles my mind!!!

  2. Glad she had fun. That $20 might get used one day if you ever travel, who know.

  3. Ba ha.. We call those dinner jackets around here... Glad she had a good trip...