Monday, January 26, 2015

Snow fun...or not fun....

Saturday morning, we woke up to 4 inches of snow.  Not dire or anything, and fully shouldn't have been a big deal.  Until I started to do a few dishes in the kitchen sink, and the water poured out onto my feet.

I had been up for less than 10 minutes....and I hadn't even had coffee yet. 

Cleaned up the water....investigated under the sink....and discovered that 2 pipes had become disconnected.  I tried to get them back luck.  Then the little washer thing popped out...and disappeared.  I have no idea where it went.  Seriously.  It was there...and then it wasn't.  I looked everywhere, and it was gone.

So now I have to go to the store.  Except there is all this snow.  So now I have to shovel NOW.

I had 2 sips of coffee at this point.

Bundled up....shoveled snow.  Went to the store, where a very nice guy helped me find what I was looking for, and didn't even charge me for the part!  They didn't have any more packages of what I needed, but he found it in a box of random pieces.  So he just gave it to me.

Headed home...fixed the sink....did the dishes.

Heated up the now 3 hour old coffee in the microwave and finally drank it.

I laughed at the whole sweatpant attire, no coffee, the snow and then the sink.  I laughed because 17 years ago on Saturday....we got married.  Seventeen years ago, I was getting ready to have my hair and make-up done and to wear the big poofy white dress.  And 17 years later....sweats, shoveling snow, and a broken sink.

Ah life.....


Meanwhile.....CT is bracing for a blizzard.  Yes, an official blizzard, as defined by the meteorologists.  Current accumulation totals are for 15 to 30 inches.  Yes...that means up to 2.5 FEET of snow.  If you don't live in a snowy area....I don't think you get how much snow that it.....yes, you can picture it on a tape measure...but having to MOVE it.  *sigh*

The kids are already on early dismissal from school.  School and work tomorrow....not gonna happen.  Wednesday is a big question mark.

I am trying not to flip out that I will be missing yet more work.  I can only do so much from home, and that is dependant on the other people in the office to finish their stuff first.  Typically....they don't do anything during the day, and then when I log in the next day....I have a ton to do...all e-mailed to me at 9:50 pm.  So I lose a day of pay, and end up slammed. 

I have already asked for "projects" but was unofficially told that other people are being paid for the day, and they will get the projects first.....hierarchy people...and I am at the bottom.

So I am not going to stress over what I cannot change.  I will do the best I can.  I will shovel and shovel (as will my very not-excited-about-this-idea children).  I will do a few little things around the house and hope we don't lose power (and if we girlfriend at least has a gas stove for cooking!).  I have 2 books and a car charger for my phone...

Here we go!


  1. Good times. Happy anniversary!
    I live in the snowbelt of Ontario so I totally get just how wonderful 2 and a half feet of snow can be(except we measure it in cm's here). Our driveway is big enough that we need a snowblower, but when my husband was in the hospital last week, I had to shovel it as I couldn't remember how to use the snow blower(he taught me once about 6 years ago). Sometimes I envy those who never have to deal with snow.

    1. Thank you!

      No snowblower for us. Maybe the neighbor will be kind enough to help and do a pass through with his. One advantage of G-man being gone is not worrying about shoveling his side of the driveway. Lol

  2. I heard about the blizzard on the news. I live in the Midwest and although we haven't gotten near as much snow as say NY, we've been hammered pretty hard before. No fun :(

  3. Fun...I was in NY a while back with a group of consultants when they had one of those storms and we were the only people in the office that day, we had no idea everything shuts down... I remember seeing mountains of snow, was really cool.


  4. Sometimes that is just how life goes. Hope the rest of your day went better.
    As for the blizzard, I hope that you stay safe and warm. We are on a snow day here, after we got 6 inches overnight. Nothing like what you guys are going to get I know, but enough to shut down schools here in Ohio.

  5. Happy Anniversary, yes isn't life grand just what you expected right? At least you have the right attitude!

  6. I'm sorry for laughing, but that comparison of 17 years now and then is truly cute. Happy anniversary! Welcome to adulthood! (But hey, you can fix the sink without youtubing, so at least give yourself some major credit there!)