Monday, August 25, 2014

The cat is out of the bag....

The kids now know about the probable move.

(G-man and I have basically resolved that this is going to happen.  There is NOTHING to say it isn't.  We are just waiting for the call....)

We had a realtor come in on Saturday morning, and after he left....Sassy flat out asked me if we were moving.  While I really wanted G-man there for this discussion (he was at work), I felt like I should answer her.  So the kids and I sat on the couch and talked.

Sassy got teary-eyed.  Not a surprise.  Bossy asked if the cats were coming with us (YES!).  Not a surprise.  I told them both that while this will be scary for everyone, grown-ups included....that Dad and I feel this is the right move for our family.  We talked about all the positive things about moving, in no particular order.

  • It is warmer there (and it doesn't really snow)
  • We will probably have a bigger house
  • Closer to Grandparents (while that is not a selling point for ME, it is for them)
  • Meeting new friends
  • Dad will have a regular M-F, 9-5 schedule, and be home on weekends

I didn't get into anything financial with them per se.  I don't want them to worry.  Basically I just said that in the long term, Dad and I feel that we will be able to have a better life for all of us.

Bossy needs things that are more "concrete" so he is very thrown off.  I wish I could tell him we are leaving on THIS DATE, but I can't.  He also is concerned about all of our "stuff" and asked me all day long "is XYZ coming with us?".  Most of his questions I can understand (the cats, his bed, clothes).  I didn't understand why he asked if the fridge was coming.....but he seemed ok leaving it here and that we will have a new fridge at the new house.

Sassy spend most of the day quiet, but by dinner announced that she can think of more pros than cons about moving, so she is ok with it.

We also talked about getting rid of stuff we don't need/want anymore.  I was trying to balance the line between reassurance that their stuff will move to a new house, and we aren't taking every little scrap of paper in existence.  I am hoping as we start boxing up stuff and they see that their important stuff is going in the boxes that are coming with us, they will be ok.

I really didn't want to tell them just yet, and I really wanted G-man there, but you don't always get what you want (ain't that the truth.....).  But we need to get going on what we need to do if we have any hopes of moving as a family within 90 days.  And the kids are part of that.  They are going to need to help with packing their stuff, cleaning (to a degree), maintaining the house while it is on the market....and most importantly, understanding that things are going to be crazy and busy for awhile.

Step by step, this is becoming more real.....


  1. I really hope this happens for you guys. If it doesn't, I hope you can live with the disappointment. I put the cart before the horse once and man was it crushing when the thing I assumed was a given didn't come to fruition. Thankfully, I hadn't told many.

    1. We found out through the grapevine that there are 2 positions, and 2 candidates. There is always a chance that it won't happen....but it is highly unlikely. If they weren't interested, they would have closed the posting.

      As for living with disappointment...we wouldn't have any other choice, would we? Beyond the blog, there are only a few people who know (outside of G-man's office).

  2. Fingers and toes crossed for you and your family! My boyfriend got a new job offer on Friday so I am sending the new job fairy dust your way!

  3. Awesome! the south is so much better, hope it all works out.


  4. Indeed, here's to hoping they can finalize the deals and clear out all the smoke. Keeping fingers crossed for all. Glad the kids took it alright. When we were moving to the US, I think we had about a day's worth of notice. Confusing? Yes. We left most things. I remember "packing" a notebook I really wanted to keep, and then we were off. We werent sad or scared. Just very, very confused. Have not been back home since that date! Now that I think about it, can't even imagine how my parents must've felt, but they havent been the type to tell you bad news ahead of time, if it can be avoided.

  5. 1. Is this a relo? "Relocations" paid for by a company or government have a bunch of hoops to jump through. You may not get all the benefits if you try to sell on your own - Realtors know this, and many won't want to put a lot of time or effort in until you commit to forgo the relo package.

    2. Special ed in the south is not as good as in the north according to all the transplants I personally have met. Its not bad, not by a long shot, but it won't be the same as up north. Especially coming in mid-year. Our taxes are low for a reason - not a lot of $$$ put into schools, roads, etc.

    Good luck! We relocated to Charlotte, and love it. Great family place and a very low cost of living.

  6. 1) We are paying for the move. "Relocation expenses are bourne by the selectee." So no relo package.

    2) The school is required to accept his IEP upon transfer, until a new PPT can be scheduled. I am not worried about this. I am VERY GOOD at getting him what he needs. The schools we are looking at are highly ranked per the state, so that is a good thing. I appreciate the concern!

    The office is actually in Charlotte, and it is a highly coveted office because everyone loves the area so much!!!