Saturday, August 23, 2014

Murphy Near Miss....and a new piece in the puzzle

I came home last night to G-man telling me that his car was running hot.  Well terrific....

He looked a few things up, and found an $8 thingy that needed to be replaced, so he took my car and got the part.  Of course I didn't get home until 7pm, so by the time he got back, the sun was down and he was changing the thingy in the twilight light.

This may be fixed.  It may not.  It could hold for a month, or a year.  Who knows.

Dealing with a radiator issue was not on my radar....


G-man also told me that he is scheduled for an out of town training in November.  WHAT????!!!!!

The team leader is aware that we are waiting for news about the new job.  And most likely, if we are going to be moving, G-man will be removed from the list of people going to the training.  But maybe not.

I told him my feelings (and that I reserved the right to change my mind at anytime!) were:
1)  If we were ALL moving together.....then he might as well go to the training.  At that point, we would be mostly packed up, and it wouldn't really make a huge difference.  AND....

2)  If he is moving without us, then he isn't going to the training!  It would be about 10 days before he would have to report for the new job, and if he was about to leave us on a temporary-permanent basis, then NO, I don't support him being gone an extra 5 days.


We also got another piece of information....NO, not THE piece of news....yet.....

G-man spoke to his Administrative Officer (who was one of his references, and has been SO SO supportive of G-man with all of this), who said when she spoke to the Charlotte office the other day, the AO let it slip that there are 2 positions open (which we knew), and they only ended up with 2 candidates!

If they didn't like the candidates, then they would have closed the posting again, and re-opened it with new parameters.  But basically, unless something was really out of whack....both of these candidates will be offered positions.

G-man and I are both WAY calmer at this point than we were a few days ago.  I think we both are just in the "we know this is going to happen....just don't know when" category.  It is a little "counting your chickens before they hatch" mentality.  But there hasn't been anything to indicate that this ISN'T going to happen.

We know that HR is backed up, so we have no idea when an offer will be made.  In the meantime, we are continuing to work on the house and get our ducks lined up.  The kids still don't know, but that may change later today. 

We have 2 realtors coming in today, and our very astute daughter may start asking questions.  We had hoped that we would have known before today so we could talk to the kids, but it didn't happen.  I am anxious to tell the kids so they can better understand what is going on.  Bossy will want to know exact information, and we don't have that yet.  BUT....I found a virtual tour of the town we are looking to move to on You Tube....and I know he will be thrilled to watch that!

Ok....gotta get cleaned up before the realtor gets here........wish us luck!


  1. Sorry about the car - always something, right?? The other news sounds promising! If you're headed to Charlotte, I think you will really like it. Lots to offer there and several great communities within commuting distance if you want to live in a smaller town.

    1. The office is in Charlotte but we are actually looking just over the border into SC to live.

    2. Lots of options in that area. I had relatives in Rock Hill, SC. Matthews, NC, is a great little town, too. I'm excited for you!

    3. We are looking at Fort Mill.

      Keep your fingers crossed for us!

  2. Wow! It all sounds very positive. I so hope he gets it.