Monday, August 4, 2014

Lots to Share....just not today!

Hello my friends....I hope you are all fabulous and enjoying summer!

I wouldn't say that we are particularly busy around these parts, but enough that is pulling my time.  I think I am a person who needs to be busy to get it all done...too much "free" time, and I think it takes me 3 times longer to complete things.

All sorts of things to update....kid stuff, thoughts on moving (maybe), taxes.  But most importantly...numbers!

This week is my 5-year anniversary here and as I was writing up the post(s) I realized just how much I had in my head.  So I have broken it into a few posts that are scheduled for this week.  Since I haven't updated the numbers in 2 months, obviously there are changes....but also my thoughts of hitting 5 years and still being here...both the good and the bad.

So bear with me while I attempt to get my butt in gear!

1 comment:

  1. My butt is right with you and I am stuck between gears... Help!