Tuesday, July 29, 2014

My Heart Can't Take This

Apologies for any mistakes. ..I am typing on my phone.

The job reposted yesterday.   So here we go again.

G-man said that what probably happened was they didn't get a large enough pool of applicants so they are casting a wider net.  This posting is for grades 7 and 8 (G-man is an 8 now)...before they posted for 8/9.

The good thing about this is that he will probably have more experience than most of the applicants just by the nature of things.   The bad thing is that there is a very slim chance that they wouldn't find him eligible for the 8...which would mean an even larger pay cut.

But first things first...application is due Monday.   The stupid piece of paper that was the problem last time is in process and should be signed by Thursday.   And then we wait....


  1. Good luck, Mysti and G-man! Fingers crossed!

  2. Good luck, if it's meant to happen it will happen....


  3. The optimist in me would like to say that there is a reason they have reposted this. Now he can apply, with the necessary paper. Good luck!!

  4. Good luck!! I'll keep my fingers crossed!

  5. Keeping my fingers crossed too!!!

  6. Good luck! How long did it take between the first time they posted it and when they reposted it due to insufficient applicants?

    1. The first posting closed July 2. We were notified he didn't qualify on July 17. It reopened July 28 and closes on Aug 4.

      We don't know 100% that it reopened due to insufficient applicants. ..just going on past experience and that they lowered the minimum grade.