Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Summer is ending....yay!

I really am not a summer gal.  I don't particularly like the beach.  Or the pool (which got some use this summer, but we haven't been in it for a month, as the weather hasn't been pool-ish).  I don't like to be hot.  Or sticky.    The noise of the air conditioner bugs me.  People hang out on the streets, and I don't care to listen to them either.  There are bugs.

That said....I love the last 2 weeks of summer.  Most people are "sad" that summer is over....back to real schedules, back to the craziness that accompanies kid activities.  On the flip side....most people dig Fall.  Even though Fall doesn't officially start for several more weeks, Back to School is FALL. 

Now, some of you may have already started school.  If that is you....the Fall comment may not apply.

But for me....the LOVE part of the last 2 weeks is the changing around of G-man's and my schedules to cover the kids being home (no more camp).  Normally I don't like changing the schedules, but in the last two weeks of summer....I am home more than usual. 

I am working from home tomorrow (Wednesday), and working Thursday afternoon/evening (1:30-6:30).  On a Wednesday, I typically work 5-6 hrs.  I am going "work" for a few hours in the morning....do some house stuff.....work some more.  G-man has a training, so he will actually be home in the evening.  We are going to take the kids to get their first day of school outfits (both of them are growing like crazy, so we aren't buying much right now.  I just bought shoes for them over the weekend, and Sassy is in a Women's 6.5-7!!!!)

Thursday morning I will take the kids to finish the school supply list.   Again, do a few things around the house.  And in the afternoon....my office will be quiet (heck, after 3pm, there usually isn't anyone there!!).  I will get stuff done.  Finish the filing in my stocking feet while listening to "Today's Hits" on Pandora.  I LOVE that part of my day.

Love all that stuff!!!

Plus....Sept 1 is my unofficial "Fall Decor" date.  The kids like the little scarecrows we put out.  My mum didn't make it, so I will need a new mum.  Rest in Peace, mum.  We had a good run.

I love the deep cleaning I do before putting out my pumpkins and stuff.  And I am already looking forward to Oct 1, when I can put out the Halloween stuff!!!  I have DIY things I would like to add in this year....hoping they work out.

Of course, we are going to be painting the living room in a few weeks....so minimal decor will go in there at the moment.

EEEEKKKKKK!  Love that this is sooooo close.


  1. I'm with you on not being much of a summer person. Every spring I tell myself I'm going to do more outside and really enjoy the sun and warm weather. Then once the heat of summer hits, I rarely want to leave the air conditioning. We are a lot more active in Spring and Fall when the weather is a little cooler.

  2. I'm a fall person. Summer is devastatingly hot in the US vs central America islands. I'm not ready for Halloween, though. That means Thanksgiving which means Christmas is right around the corner. Eep!

  3. I like summer but really like fall, too. I like the decorations for fall, wearing goodies, and football.

  4. I have never liked summer. I think it has to do with growing up on army bases. The summer was when people got posted and moved away. The summer I was 10 my neighbour died in a swimming accident at only 15. It was a horrible time.

    I always look forward to fall. That to me has always been the start of a new year.....not january.

  5. I love love the end of summer...and Fall is my favorite season. Summer brings a tons of anxiety for me...Summer means the kids have A LOT of times to get bored and want to do extra activities = Money$$$.

    I love the last two weeks of August because it means the start of a new adventure...back to school...I like schedules and things to be organized.

    Yep! I am with you on that one! :)