Monday, August 19, 2013

The Range Story

It has been some time since we had to do appliance shopping.  The last major appliance was the washer and 2006.  We did replace the microwave right around that time too...but we literally replaced it with the same one we had (which was here when we bought the house).

I have already told you that our oven was 20+ years old, but not sure I told you what happened to it.  G-man made dinner and heard a POP.  Thought that a wire burnt through (which it did).  Bought a new connector thingy for $5 to fix it.  But then discovered that the knob that controlled the oven was dead.  We were going to order a new one, but they don't even make it anymore!!!  We went to a dozen appliance part websites, and nothing. As we found out, the technology for the oven has VASTLY changed over 20 years.  So fixing the oven wasn't an option.  Add in that the stove top is bowed, the burners are slanted and need to be jiggled to get them to work, and not having a working oven wasn't an option.....we were on the hunt for a replacement.

We went into the search with the idea of getting something mid-range in price.  Wanted stainless (or stainless look).  Preferably a flat top (vs the coil burners we have now).  Beyond that....didn't care much.

Things that we learned:
  • They all basically look alike.  Don't count on remembering which is which based on looks.
  • They all basically do the same thing.
  • Make sure it will fit your space.  While looking around at fridges (just looking!!!), we were amazed at how many of them looked like the right size until we measured it (or in some was listed on the tag.  Depended on the store).

Additionally.....know the store policies.  Specifically.  We had this nip us in the heiney a bit.

Day one of looking involved the two major home improvement stores.  We found that our phones took a lot of time loading in these stores, so trying to compare things using our phone didn't work as well as we had hoped.  We also found that you need to double check the model number on the PRODUCT.  Occasionally the tag and the product didn't match. There were 3 models that were almost the same (same manufacturer)  with minor MINOR differences.  One had some poor reviews, so that one was out.

G-man went to a few other places, and found a few more options.  On paper....they all looked the same.  We had to go look at them.  Finally picked one.  Then we noticed one that looked the same.  The model numbers were different by 1 number.  And because we couldn't pull stuff up easily on our phone....we had no idea the difference....other than $100.

Went home....discovered that the cheaper one was exclusive to the store.  It also had one burner that was smaller than the other one.  With the price match (more on that in a minute), they started out only $10 different.  We decided to go with the non-exclusive model....and get a price match and 10% more off!  YAY!!!

So we went to order it....and yes, they will price match, but they wouldn't take the additional 10% off (part of the advertised "match and beat" spiel).  The info we brought in from another store for that model was on sale.  And they only beat the everyday price.  So the best they would do is match the price. OK.  We still went ahead because the store was also offering a Gift Card based on the price of your appliance.  We qualified for a $50 GC, so we will have that towards a future project.

THEN....they didn't have the stove in stock.  Special order.  Will take a week....maybe a little less.  Terrific.

Did you know that the plug is NOT included?  G-man said the plug we have will work, so he will take care of that.  Something about a few screws.  I stay away from that stuff.

Delivery and haul away is free (part of why we picked this store).  Yay!

We opened a store card to get an additional 5% off, and will use the EF to pay it off immediately.  We only opened the card to get the discount.  It will only be used for major purchases that we are paying off 24% interest doesn't work for me.

Hoping the new stove will be here sooner than later.  But should be here by next weekend.  I already know that aesthetically, I will have to get over the mixed finish look of the kitchen (new stove is stainless, fridge and microwave are white).  EVENTUALLY we will change it all over.  But not now.

Man, this was harder than I thought.


  1. It's like buying a car..... We bought a new oven 4 years ago... Ours died a week before Thanksgiving... I had my heart set on a double oven.... I wouldn't look at anything else...We priced matched to... So I was ready to get a double oven at Home Depot... We checked it out and I opened the bigger oven which was below the other oven.. The oven door laid practically on the floor when it was completely open... My thoughts were I can see cats running around the corner and running on top of a hot oven door... Then I started thinking how in the world was I to lift a 15 pound bird out of this oven because I am short and there is no way I could stand in front of the door and bend and lift because I would not be able to reach the stove top to put the bird on it... So the double oven which I had wanted for years was no longer an option...Back home we went to search other ovens...

    I LOVE LOVE my flat top stove... I will never go back to the coils again.... The only thing is you have to be careful not to drop anything on it...A friend of mine did and replacing the flat top cost as much as the new stove/oven...

    Enjoy it when you get it and hope it arrived sooner than later...

    1. We looked at the double oven, and like you....I said "how am I going to lift a turkey out of this?" And I didn't like the door on the floor.

      What brand cleaner do you use for the flat top?

    2. Congratulations on your well thought out purchase! Personally, I insist on dual fuel ranges...gas cook top with electric oven. (I do a lot of canning.) My neighbor LOVES her smooth top, thouugh, and even uses it for canning. Cleaning the top is a dream!

      I have a mixed finish kitchen too...dishwasher is white. As that appliance has never given us a minute's trouble, I pretend not to notice. White and stainless DO kind of look good together...sort of cottage /vintage. Maybe we can start a trend! Here's to a smooth delivery!

    3. Wish we had gas.....or we would have gone with a duel fuel range.

  2. I hope your new stove arrives sooner than later. All the extra discounts are quite the bonus too! At least now you shouldn't have to worry about replacing that appliance for another 10+ years. When you think about it, the price per use of those units is actually very reasonable.

  3. My oldest daughter and her husband came to our house for Thanksgiving about 4 years ago. They offered to do the dishes and then proceeded to tear my 25 year old range apart to supposedly clean it. That stove made me cry all the time, but I would not buy a new one until we had the money to remodel the kitchen (yeah like that is going to happen) so they threw away knobs and pans and were going to replace them with new. Well you could not buy new. So they bought me a new gas stove and I love It! I truly think this was the plan, but they deny it!