Sunday, August 4, 2013

GBU - August 4, 2013

Down hill slide of summer.....anyone else ready for Fall decorating???

  • Sold Sassy's old dresser and bed for $45 (we paid $50!).
  • Bossy isn't ready to start orthodontic work yet, so we still have 6 months before that "fun" begins.
  • Despite the high temperatures and running the A/C constantly in July, our bill was only $19 more than the same time period last year (in part thanks to switching our electric provider who had a lower rate.  It would have been another $14 more if we still had the higher rate).
  • Kids got new combination locks for their lockers, and have been doing well practicing to get them open.

  • The check engine light can't decide if it wants to be on or off.
  • Gas prices!
  • Good grief the kids' school supplies are costing us a fortune!  $63 spent so far (and not that much purchased), with alot more to go.

  • Tragic death of G-man's uncle.
  • Tons of medical bills came in this week.

  • Made a headboard for Sassy (and it is darn cute!).  Getting my creative juices flowing helps me get so much more done.

So....where are you all at this week???


  1. Good:

    *We both got paid this week. I actually like getting paid on opposite weeks, easier on the budget but sometimes it's fun to see the balance be high for a bit!

    *Purged more from the house, hung pictures that have been sitting, bought a new propane tank so we could bbq (traded in our old one, so the cost was $24 instead of $64), started to sort the centre out for the new school year and saw Despicable Me2 with our grandson. Fun!

    The Bad:

    *Our Mastercard bill came in with our trip expenses. Yikes! We have most of it saved in our travel account but are short a bit, so we'll have to dig into our savings. I hate doing that!

    The Ugly:

    *It was a good week. Couldn't think of anything.

    The Great:

    *We were contemplating replacing our kitchen cabinets or at least the doors, to spruce up our kitchen to sell in the spring. The lovely kitchen guy at the hardware store explained to us that we could just pull off the thermal foil, which has yellowed & cracked along many edges. This reveals the perfect, protected all these years wood underneath. We buy special paint for this project, saving thousands!! I love Jason at the store. And so excited we can have a new kitchen without the big expense & huge workload.

    Holiday weekend so we're going back & forth between doing some chores to relaxing. Fun time so far!

    Have a great week!

  2. Good:

    I won a $50 gift card for gaz :))) I celebrated my birthday yesterday and treated myself to a pair of jeans Ralph Lauren (on sale for $20) as well as three tops ($9.99-$9.99 and $12.99). I NEVER buy myself anything anymore - so I am feeling happy and guilty at the same time. I can't decide which one!!!

    The Ugly:

    I forgot to pay the license plate renewal on our truck...and got a letter in the mail from the DMV=not good.

    Keep writing!! I ALWAYS LOOK forward to read your posts :)))

  3. Sorry about G-mans uncle, can we have pictures of head board?