Friday, August 2, 2013

Fluffy Friday!

When your brain is do have a Fluffy Friday post!  (Plus, I am trying to pace my will find out why next week!)

So Fluffy Friday.....3 questions that really have nothing to do with anything.  Maybe a get to know ya kind of thing.  Play along!


1)  Here in the US, August is one of the only month (maybe the ONLY month) that doesn't have a "holiday" in it.  What is one thing you look forward to doing in August?  (Or if you live somewhere that does have a holiday....please share!)

2)  Blue or Black pen? 

3)  What color are your fingernails or toenails right now?  (Even if you are guy, play along!)


1)  August is my "rough" month.  But I look forward to celebrating the kids' birthday, even though it is WAY at the end of the month.  This year, Sassy wants a Chocolate Chip Cookie cake, and Bossy wants a Vanilla cake, with no frosting.  I also look forward to getting ready to go back to school!!

2)  Black.  I have to use black pens at work, so now blue looks odd and bright to me.

3)  No polish on my fingernails.  We hand wash the dishes, so polish is a waste unless it is for a specific reason.  Toes are a light, shimmery pink....but I don't like it and it is old and really needs to be re-done.

Happy Fluffy Friday!!!!


  1. 1)August is birthday month for us plus getting back into the swing of school - thank goodness there is no holiday!

    2)Black - no reason, it is just what we have lying around.

    3) Red on my toes, nothing on my fingers. I was brought up this way - always have your toes painted - kind of a pain really. ;)

  2. August is Little Ripples bday and I plan a big party for both the girls birthdays mid August. (there birthdays are only a month apart)

    Blue pen

    Pink toenails. Nothing on finger nails. Polish chips to easily and I'm to lazy to keep my nails painted.

  3. 1) August is also my birthday, my half brother's birthday and my best friend's birthday. The past 2-3 years it also includes a rush to use the remaining of my vacation days before they expire Sept 2nd, so I go places and such. Definitely one of the busiest months of the year for me.
    2) I've always been a blue pen person. But since starting my FT job, I've come to appreciate black, if nothing else so the scanned copies or faxes remain clear and legible. I only use black for strictly faxes or as required; otherwise, blue.
    3) Coral on toes, nothing on fingernails. My nails grow too much and I too handwash stuff, so fingernails get chipped way too soon to be worth the effort.

  4. 1) This August is particularly crazy with the move, but normally it's the month we do a family vacation, so I always look forward to that.
    2) Blue!
    3) Pinkish clear on my fingernails, reddish pink on my toes. My toenails are sometimes black & bruised from running, so I always need a dark color to cover it. :-)

  5. August means back to work for me when school starts back which means a paycheck! Also my dads birthday is in August. And I love back to school!

    Always prefer blue pens, but usually use black.

    Fingernails have nothing as I do dishes too each day so no use...Toenails are shimmery green--Rebecca calls them my wicked witch toes! LOL I need to redo them though...not sure if I will keep the green or maybe do them blue. Decisions, decisions....

  6. 1. August --- means the start of football season.
    2. If I have to use a pen, its generally blue, but I prefer a pencil.
    2. Fingernails were chipped so polish came off this morning, toes -- kind of a husky pink.

  7. 1 - Football
    2 - always black and it has to be Pentels Fine Point
    3 - nothing on toes or fingers, I am waay too lazy

  8. Hmm... we have a civic holiday here on Monday, so that's one in August, but I *think* that's it...

    Coloured pens. Pretty ones! If not a black ink pen and it has to be a liquid gel pen with a fine tip. Not cheap either. lol! (I'm an office supply junkie)

    Bare. No time for that... lol!

  9. 1- Monday is a holiday for me! :)

    2 - I prefer black pens

    3 - I have no nail polish on right now (I can't even remember the last time I used some)

  10. 1.) Youngest dd's birthday, our wedding anniversary, the Folk Festival, the Fringe Festival and Heritage Day (long weekend this weekend).

    2.) I prefer colored pens like teal and purple but would take blue over black anyday.

    3.) No nail polish on my fingers but I have lavender on my toes!

  11. 1. Victory Day is next Monday!
    2. Blue.
    3. Greyish-Blue on my toes.

  12. 1. Love August because I don't have to teach, but hate it as I am always broke!

    2. What ever I can find.

    3. Always french manicure on my hands and I wash my dishes by hand. But they are acrylic so it wears well. Bright red/pink on my toes!

  13. 1. I love back-to-school time! Even though my kids are out of school, I still get to enjoy it b/c I work at a university.

    2. Blue and blue only! No scratchy pens, has to have a bold, solid line. I am so picky about my ink pens.

    3. Orange, to match my church t-shirt for an event this weekend.