Friday, August 9, 2013

3 more weeks!

Happy Friday!

Personally, the past several weeks were DRAGGING, and this week flew by!

Today is the last day of "regular" camp for the kids, and they have a week of extended camp next week.  After that, G-man and I are flipping and flopping our schedules to accommodate our now home children.  School starts 3 weeks from yesterday.....c'mon school!!!

I have a feeling this coming year is going to signal MAJOR changes around here.  I hope we can take it! 
  • Physical changes (acne has started, deodorant, body development....and their feet....when did they get so big!  I bought shoes for Sassy yesterday in size 6.5!).  
  • Emotional changes.  Nuff said.
  • Independence.  The kids will now have a key to let themselves into the house.  I should be home within a few minutes, but there is a chance that they will beat me home.  They will mostly be responsible for their own lunches (which includes actual CASH when buying lunch).  
  • Schedule changes.  School starts 1.5 hrs earlier than we are used to.  YIKES.  Also, Bossy's weekly occupational therapy appointment is moving to 5pm on Friday (icky time, but no one else wanted it, so they decided to stick his social group in there).  The significance of this is that for the first time in almost 8years.....MOMMY will not be the one to regularly take him.  Daddy will take him, since I will still be at work.  That is one less errand/running that I have per week.
Additionally....we will see how the ole checkbook will fair this school year.  School lunches are more expensive.  As the kids join various activities, not sure what those costs will be.  We are already spending a fortune on supplies, and some of them are likely to wear out (like the special binder they need that zips $15-$20 each.  And hopefully we won't have to replace them!)

There are a few other changes that MAY occur, but they are still so speculative I am not going to spend too much time on them YET.  Let's just say that I am not thrilled with parts, but until I have a reason to really think about it, I won't.

Happy Friday!  And let's do a mini-Fluffy Friday.....just for the heck of it!

What condiments do you put on your "burger" (beef, veggie, turkey...whatever!)

(I put mayo and butter on mine.  Disgusts G-man!) 


  1. I'm going to have to go with your husband on the burger toppings. ;-) We eat ours without buns, but with sliced tomatoes & Dijon mustard. If I'm feeling motivated, I use lettuce leaves to make it a wrap style.

  2. I hear you on the shoes! My 11 year old DD had a huge growth spurt over the summer ... she is now wearing a size 8 in shoes. Adult shoes are definitely more pricey than the kid variety. I totally miss the days of getting $25 shoes at the Stride Rite outlet.

    I love a good burger every now and then. I like tomatoes, lettuce, pickles and mayo.

  3. I have to have lettuce, onion, and mayo! NO PICKLES!!!! :)

  4. Is there a reason you don't pack lunches? Here, school lunch would cost us $37.50/week, for 3 kids, for food that really isn't very good. We can pack lunches for about a tenth of that, in no time whatsoever. (Finding exact change takes longer.) School supplies..ugh. Two years ago our elementary school principal put her foot down, asking her teachers to only require that folders, spiral notebooks and loose leaf paper be new. Pencils, crayons and the like could be leftovers from previous years. It had just gotten out of hand! Good luck.

    1. We actually do a combination of home packed lunch and school purchased lunch. Sassy tends to like to take her lunch (standard is PB&J, chips, fruit, and some cookies or a pudding cup), but Bossy likes a "warmer" lunch. Since he has so many feeding issues, we would rather see him EAT than send him with something he won't eat.

      Luckily, he is loving Chicken Wraps, so that is standard lunch for him these days. But he doesn't like fruit, or yogurt, or a zillion other things!

      School supplies...we are reusing what we can, but unfortunately, most of the items need to be "new." Lock for their locker, the binder, index tabs with folder pockets, etc. We had pencils, highlighter, a pencil sharpener....

    2. I should add that Bossy has texture issues, temperature issues, and while we tried to send him with a "warm" lunch....he wouldn't eat it. He would just bring it all home, then would cry and be in a foul mood because he was hungry!

  5. Feed him what he will eat. Trust me these feeding tube issues will not all disappear but most will with time.

  6. One thing I used to try to do with the Princess was to get a list of the grade or classes ahead of me when I got her list each year. Those didn't seem to vary too terribly much from year to year so I kind of had a head start on the next year when I saw things clearanced or whatever throughout the year.

    As for burgers...... bacon, cheese, lettuce, tomato (in summer, winter tomatoes are ick!), mustard, mayo, ketchup and pickles.