Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Stream of Consciousness

So I was getting dressed yesterday, and I zigged when I should have zagged....and I strained a muscle in my neck.  OUCH!  Yesterday was pretty tough.  I couldn't turn my head to the right, and my project at work just made it worse.  The great thing about my office....we have three physical therapists!  One looked at it and confirmed that the I strained the ever living gosh out of it and gave me some stretches to help.

I was concerned that overnight it would really stiffen up, so I took some mega meds before bed.  And the after effect is that I am so drowsy today that I am not sure how productive I will be at anything!  Additionally, my mind is wandering all wanna see Mysti's brain on mega meds????

Here ya go:

To the lady in the parking lot this morning who was also waiting for the camp bus.....why did you need to take up 4 spots?  All it does is annoy the rest of us.  Please don't.

I really need a pedicure.  I rarely have a professional one.  But I luv them.  I pumice my feet and throw some polish on (right now my toes are metallic green).  But I really need one that makes them pretty.

My blanket on my bed needs to be washed at the laundrymat (too big for home machine).  Kitty snot prints all over his sleeping spot.  Ick.

I ran out of conditioner.  I still have plenty of shampoo.  The bottles are the same size.  I hate that.

Our basement is wet, and we have had a ton of rain.  Everything down there is damp.  We brought up a bunch of boxes that had pictures in them (thank goodness they are ok).  Lots of baby pictures.  I miss babies.  That shop is all closed....but I really miss babies.  Bossy got a kick out of looking at pics of Baby Bossy....but was quite disillusioned that alot of them had his sister in them.  He just wanted to look at pics of himself....alone.  hee hee.

There were also some pics of me as a baby....his response....YOU were a baby????


I wish I had a tan.  I know they aren't good for you.  But I wish I had a tan.

I need to find the school supply list....the sales will start soon.

Christmas is less than 6 months away.....

My dream last night was boring.

*** foggy brain just goes all over!!!!  *swaying to the music I am listening to*  Oh, I could put my head down and just nap.  Only 5 more hrs until work is over......

Oh, and the number of typos I had to fix before I published this........hahahaha.  I can't type today either.


  1. I just really dislike people who take a lot of parking spots, especially in newer cars. Just park all the way to the back or find someplace else. It's ok to be fluffy-brained, especially under meds. Hope your neck feels better soon!

  2. I need a pedicure. And a manicure. And a tan. And I always run out of shampoo long before I run out of conditioner. Go figure.
    I can ramble too! And I don't even have a medded up brain! ;-)

    1. I am totally the opposite! My shampoo bottle outlives 2-2.5 conditioner bottles. I must be doing something wrong.

  3. Sorry about your neck!

    You are entitled to having a rambling brain, we all get them every now and again.

    I hate when people can't park either. I would like a pedicure too. I have metalic green on my toes too! (My daughter calls them my wicked witch toes!).

    Hope your neck is better !

  4. LOL please ramble more often :D

  5. I love pedicures, too... but rarely feel like I can fit it into the budget. I love tans, too. My husband is SO dark. It would take me working on my tan as a full time job just to get to the level he has leftover during the winter from the previous summer.

    I got a really nice (expensive) shampoo and conditioner set for Christmas. I still have a bit of the conditioner left, yet the shampoo was empty by the end of March.

    Just found out recently that my daughter is pregnant and really want to purchase items for the baby, but we haven't found out the sex yet - so trying to force myself to wait.