Sunday, July 7, 2013

GBU - July 7, 2013

Did you have a long weekend or did you work on Friday?

  • Paid the personal property taxes the day after the bill arrived ($184 for both cars and the boat)
  • July 4th was pretty laid back and chill
  • Lots of pool use this week by the kids (Mommy got in once)

  • Forgot to pay the Fire District taxes when I was doing the bills, so will have to do those on the next go around (due by the end of the month, so no biggie).
  • Uneven tanning
  • Officially tapped out our Flexible Spending Account ($2500), but still have our medical savings account to draw on.

  • Got a lovely little card in the mail saying the city is reassessing all the houses....aka....raising taxes!  Not only do they want to measure the outside of your house, they want to come inside and see what you have done to the inside!
  • Found out that my bathing suit got "dry rot" (I hate to wear it and don't think I wore it the past 2 years) and it left tar-like marks on me.
  • Cleaned out the fridge and threw out WAY too much stuff....I was very unhappy. 

  • Sassy has figured out how to "flip" underwater.  She is very proud of herself.  :)
  • Bossy has agreed to expand his lunch options from just turkey or chicken to pepperoni (but we will sneak a few other things into his pepperoni sandwich!)

So....where are you all at this week???


  1. Sounds like a pretty good week. I worked on Friday but had the Fourth off so that was nice. The pool sounds very nice😊

  2. I wouldn't have thought the city could come inside and look at your house; that would be against the law you would think?

    Up here in Canada we had the Monday off for Canada Day last week, which made it a three day weekend for most.


  3. I am glad you had a good weekend overall:)

    I had to leave early on July 3rd to take my daughter to the er (we found out that she has a tumor on her thyroid) - miss 2.30 hour of work and I also took Friday off - to spend time with my daughter so another 8 hours that will be taking off my paycheck...

    We have not been sleeping well as we will have the result tomorrow whether my daughter (17 years old) had thyroid cancer or not...:(

  4. Is the city allowed to come inside to see what you have done?? How is that legal??