Monday, July 29, 2013

More of the Random Thoughts From Mysti

Oh my....I had the mother of Migraines on Saturday.  If you have never had a migraine, you are so lucky.  Headache doesn't even being to describe it.  I literally was in a dark room, with a cold compress for hours and just wanted to cry.  And unfortunately, I spent Sunday, and to some degree today.....dealing with a migraine "hangover."  Again, if you aren't a migraine glad.  The hangover effect can last a day or two, and you are so exhausted....and foggy....and just feel icky.

While I am on the mend, my weekend was less than productive.  Boo.  But in my foggy are a few more random tidbits....
  • Only 5 months until Christmas!  With mother-in-law coming, I am trying to temper myself.  Right now, I am considering buying her new PJs for Christmas Eve....just like we do for the kids!  I found a pair of flannel jammies on Amazon for $24 and they have snowflakes on them.  Or elf hats.  Or penguins!
  •  I colored my hair last week with a box product (I really do miss my purple and pink hair).  Well, it didn't totally cover the gray....but it did turn it BLUE.  Ah yes....I now have blue fleck in my hair.
  •  I need to shave my legs so badly, but my headache wouldn't let me put my head "down" without causing severe nausea.  So I am wearing jeans today.
  •  I am in a shopping mood.  I won't.  But I wanna.
  •  The kids need a TON of school supplies.  We really haven't had to buy much for them in years past, as the school provided most of it.  But now....ugh.  And the kicker is that I am not sure Bossy NEEDS this stuff since his program is different.  I need to call the school and get some answers.  I am getting a BAD feeling about this transition.
  •  We figured out the kids' birthday presents!  Sassy is getting a new chair to go with her desk, and Bossy is getting a clock for his room (that projects up, and has soothing sounds). 
  •  I am having a love/hate affair with Amazon.  If you know what you are looking is great.  If you don't, it is too overwhelming.  But I have this little fantasy that I can do ALL of the Christmas shopping on Amazon, in one big order, and be done. 
  •  We have started collecting mineral specimens.  And now I just want to buy a ton of cool stuff!
  •  G-man bought me shampoo and conditioner.  It has a pump bottle.  Love the pump bottle.
  •  I have a little black dress that hasn't fit in FOREVER.  I wonder how long it will take before it will fit again.
  •  I am back to seriously looking for a new job.  Not because my current job is being a poo-poo....but I want more money.  G-man is burnt out and really needs to leave his second job (hello....10 years is long enough).  But I am hoping to find something where he will work at the 2nd job for 6 more months after I start, and we can use that 6 months of money towards a few things.

What random stuff do you have in your head today?


  1. I am lucky I barely get any headaches at all. Every so often I get very light headed, but not enough to call it a headache. Though my pain threshold is very high, 'manning it up' for long just makes it worse. So yeah, I'm glad I don't get any as often!
    *cringes at the word Christmas* I'm not ready!

    Do you have Amazon Prime?

    1. I don't have Amazon Prime....what really is the advantage???

    2. Well... besides the "free" shipping (sort of ruined by the add-on items) is kind of nice to have. If you want to try the free shipping part, I can add you to my account under the shareable program. Just shoot me an email.

  2. I used to get migraines all the times, so I understand how you feel.

    All day, I have been thinking about my bills to be paid in the month of August and I am terrified. I will be starting a new job on August 23rd (which is awesome) it will means health benefits and a better pay. However - there will be a big transition between the two jobs and it will take almost a month between my last paycheck at my current job and my paycheck at the new one. Very stressful and I am not financially stable yet to cover this gap.

    1. Will you have vacation payout to help cushion things??

      Congrats on the new job!!!

  3. I don't get them that often but if I do it's generally before, during or after "that time of the month." OR when I binge on chocolate!!!

    I feel your pain and hope you're over the worst.

    My mother says that vomiting makes you feel better quicker.

    Gill in Canada

  4. Good luck on the job hunt. It can be very frustrating.

    Amazon Prime is their membership. You get free shipping with their membership. It might be worth looking into if you do a lot of shopping with them.

  5. Sorry you have been crank. I have only had 2 real migraines and both times I prayed to die! Throw up that helps!