Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Camp woes

We sent the kids to a "different" camp within the same program.  Different director and counselors.  They were at the tippy top of the age bracket in the previous camp, and we felt that this was more age appropriate.

I am not sure the whole story, but they had to move the location from an elementary school to the high school.  So now, they are much more limited in what they have available to them.

End result.....Sassy isn't having fun.

Honestly, from what she has said, I wouldn't have fun either.  It doesn't sound like this staff is as into things as previously.  Theme days aren't really "themed."  Like Halloween Day....they each got a piece of candy.  And they did a Mummy Wrap contest. 6 hrs, I am not overly impressed.

Bossy is still having fun.

So Sassy....we are considering an art camp for her next year.  That is where her "passion" lies.  Unfortunately, that camp is $165 a week, compared to the $50 we spend now. 

I think we may do a combo thing....maybe 4 weeks at art camp, and 3 at parks and rec.  And we will have to start saving the extra now.


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  1. That sucks that Sassy isnt having fun. 1 piece of candy and a 6hr toilet paper craft isn't my idea of Halloween fun either. Hope they can step it up a notch and make it worth it!