Friday, July 19, 2013

Murphy Near Miss!

As I got into my car this morning, I could feel the presence of Murphy.  He was there.  He was looming.  But alas, he was banished to the nearest paranormal least for now.

G-man ran the self-cleaning cycle on the oven on Tuesday (why he did this on the week that we are in the upper 90's is beyond me).  Wednesday I went to use the oven....didn't work.  He thought maybe he loosened something when he cleaned it out and said he would fix it Thursday before he left for work.

Thursday....he couldn't fix it and decided that maybe he interrupted the cycle the other day, and ran it again ( is only 98 degrees problem).  But it still didn't work.

Rut row.

Our oven is 20-ish years old.  We both knew that appliances don't last forever.  But we weren't quite ready to admit our oven was GONE.  He messed around with it this morning....actually called the manufacturer who just wanted to send out a repair guy.

Eventually he managed to reset something and we are back in business! 

I was gearing myself up for having to buy a new oven.  Glad that I can put that thought away for the moment.  I fully well know that we will have to get something new eventually.....just not today!!


  1. First of all a man that can clean and oven, or even figure out how to set it to clean? Then he can fix it? You have to keep him.

  2. Uff, so glad he could fix it. How unnerving. Tell Murphy to go somewhere, seriously! He's like that creepy neighborhood stalker these days.

  3. That WAS a near miss!Glad that it was a fixable one. My oven is in need of a cleaning, but I don't think that is going to happen until the temps drop significantly.