Thursday, May 23, 2013

Kitty Update

I brought Kitty in at 9am.  I was going to do it this afternoon, but they were concerned with what I was reporting and wanted me to bring him in sooner than later.  His physical exam was good....nothing too out of the norm.  He was running a little fever, and had a full bladder (thank you for not peeing in your carrier!!!).  They wanted to keep him and see if they could get him to eat and so they could do some bloodwork.

Spoke to the vet this afternoon.  Kitty's amylase levels are very high, which indicate intestinal inflammation.  His potassium level is low as well, but apparently that isn't unusual in older cats.  He still hasn't eaten.  They are giving him antibiotics and fluids, but he doesn't seem to be dehydrated.

She suspects it is pancreatitis, and wants to run a blood test to test for something or other.  If it is pancreatitis, he will probably have to go on a different, bland diet.  So we would have 3 cats on 3 different foods!  And we will probably have to give him a potassium supplement.

He is staying there overnight and they are hoping that once the antibiotics kick in and it is quiet there, maybe he will nibble on his food.  She said he doesn't seem stressed being there....he is just hanging out.

Right now, he is in good hands.  While I miss him being home, he obviously was in distress.  I am glad I took him in.  We have money in the Kitty fund, but I am sure it won't cover everything.  Ain't that just the way is always goes!

He is overall a healthy cat.  Hopefully this is just a minor set back and he will be back to catting about in no time.


  1. Aww..hopefully he's feeling better tomorrow to come home! :) Vets are expensive... hopefully it's not too much more than what you have set aside.

  2. I am so sorry. We just went through a 5 week ordeal with our 4 year old kitty, but it did not end well. We had to put him down.

    I hope things go MUCH better for your kitty.

  3. Sending you good thoughts for kitty. My Elwood is 17 - will be 18 in August. His brother Jake died at 15 from diabetes. Believe me I did everything to help him, "special" food, insulin, blood testing at home, urine tests, everything - not cheap, but I would do it again in a heartbeat. He was diagnosed at age 8, so I like to think *I* kept him alive for 7 more years. They are our babies. I hope it's just a minor setback for your baby ~

  4. Glad to hear they didn't find anything serious! Hope you can bring Kitty home really soon and that the antibiotics do the trick.

  5. Sending good thoughts for your kitty. I'm happy that you took him in.

  6. I hope your kitty child recovers and is healthy and happy. :)

  7. I hope your kitty child recovers and is healthy and happy. :)