Saturday, May 25, 2013

Kitty is Home!

Thank you for thinking of my kitty.  He is doing so much better.  He is definitely much perkier than before the vet visit.  He is still taking the stairs a little slower, but he is back to being the sweet, cuddle boy that he is.

He did NOT have pancreatitis, and thus it was decided he had some sort of Intestinal bug.  He came home on a bland diet for a week (he isn't loving it though), and then back to his regular food.

He is also on Pepcid for 2 weeks, and an antibiotic for one week.

And the vet bill was not as bad as we were bracing ourselves for:  $337 (+$8 at the grocery store for generic Pepcid).  Kitty fund to the rescue!!

This is the first year we have had a kitty fund, so I am glad we started it! The Kitty fund is $30 every 2 weeks, and was designed to cover food, litter, and annual Vet visit, plus a little extra for misc.  Since we started it in January, we have taken money for food and litter.  The cats' annual vet visit is later in the year. 

We have $228 in the Kitty fund, or 2/3 of the bill.  A year ago, we would have had ZERO.  The remainder of the bill will come from the EF. 

Onward and upward.....


  1. So glad kitty is home and on the mend!! :) And it's great that you were able to pay for the bill outright without adding debt! Doesn't matter where it comes from... good job!

  2. What a relief that Kitty is ok! You did a great job setting up the must feel so relieved all round :)

  3. That is great news about kitty! Big loud clapping to you for setting up the kitty fund and being prepared!!

  4. That is great that kitty is home and on the mend! It is so hard to watch our fur babies hurt because they really cannot tell us what is wrong with them. Being prepared for their costs help a lot!