Thursday, April 25, 2013

Small benefit

I got paid yesterday.....gotta love payday!  Plus, G-man got paid from his part time job (although it was less than usual because it was vacation time which didn't cover all of his typical pay).

Paid the bills.  G-man still has his 3rd paycheck on Monday.   But as of right now, all the April bills are paid.  And there is money left over.  Putting the 3rd paycheck aside for a minute.....huh?  I am confused.  Why is there money left?  I even bought Sassy a dress and an organizer thing.....and we still have money left. 

Then it hit me.  With G-man gone, our gas usage went down.  He typically would have used at least 1.5 tanks of gas in the past week. That would have been over $100, probably closer to $115.  If I subtract that out, then the amount we have left looks closer to usual.

The small benefits......


  1. Haha. When we change the routine a bit, sometimes we spend more, but we can also end up spending less. Glad I'm not the only one that freaks out a bit when I have leftovers I didn't plan for. Makes me wonder if I forgot something!

  2. If he was in Boston I assume he has a cool federal job like FBI? Don't they pay for a car and gas? At least gas would be nice...


    1. I can't confirm who G-man works for, other than it is the federal gov't. While he was in Boston, all of his expenses were taken care of. But in the regular day to day world, he drives his personal car and we pay for gas. We live 30 min from the office, and typically he spends close to $400 a month on gas.

  3. The other benefit is you can have cold cereal for dinner and no one complains. I love it when my husband is gone. Always have.