Friday, April 19, 2013

It IS Friday, right?

I know it is Friday...but due to school vacation and changes of schedule....I have no idea what I am doing!

The kids went to camp this week, but there is school today.  We are making up snow days.  Yip. Pee.  I should say that Sassy is going to school....however Bossy is home sick.  I think he is having a REALLY bad allergy attack.  He has been stuffed up and coughing and miserable for a week.  Low grade fever, sleeping.  I think I am going to take him to the doctor (a rare thing!) to get him prescription strength meds. 

I am "supposed" to have a meeting at school at 12pm.  However I need to call school and see if I can leave Bossy in the nurse's office.  If not, then the meeting is cancelled.  This is a problem because we have another meeting on Monday that is supposed to be a follow-up to today's meeting.

Oh.....and G-man.  He had a schedule change already planned for the week, due to a training.  Well, then Boston happened.  He was put on standby Monday afternoon, and deployed to Boston yesterday.  Yes....he was involved in all that stuff last night.  He is ok.  No idea when he will be home.

I was supposed to work a half day today (7am to 11am), so I could make it to the 12pm meeting.  With G-man gone, I have the kids (normally he is home on Friday).  So I am working from home the best that I can, and will have to go into the office this weekend.....the kids are THRILLED.

So nothing is how it is supposed to be.  Every single plan for the week has gone down the tubes in one way or another. 

Next week will be more schedule mayhem.  Not sure where G-man will be.  He is supposed to go on "guy weekend" on Thursday.  Depending on work, that may get cancelled (and we will have to cancel his plane ticket....$300.  We will use it for something, but GRRR).  If he is home, he is just going to leave again.

We have a family function next Saturday.  My parents will NOT be there, although they were supposed to be....and that is a whole other story. 

My birthday is the following weekend....and all I really want for my birthday is QUIET.  After several weeks of drama, leading up to several weeks of mass chaos....a nice, quiet, peaceful day is all I really want.  Oh, and poppyseed cake with lemon filling and blueberry cream cheese frosting.  :)


  1. Thoughts & prayers for G-man's safety! I live here in Boston, and I know how crazy it is right now. We're all looking forward to putting this behind us...

  2. I hope you are staying in and away from all of this. G-man is safe at this time, but not able to really be in touch much.

    Thank you for your thoughts.

  3. Prayers for you and Boston, Can I come to your party? I want a piece of that cake!

    1. Of course you can come and have cake! Not sure it will be much of a party....just us. But stop on by!

  4. That cake sounds delicious. I so love cream cheese frosting, especially over carrot cake... yum, carrot cake. Thoughts and prayers for G-man and his work, and all others in Boston helping out.

    1. I found the cake on Pinterest. :) Thank you for your thoughts for Boston.