Monday, April 22, 2013

A Boring Update

So, G-man is still in Boston.  We are hoping that his part is winding down, but it really isn't his call.  And truthfully, he is leaving again on Thursday for "guy weekend" so even if he comes home, it will be just long enough to do laundry and leave again.

Bossy is still getting over being sick.  He is very quick to tell me he still has his virus.  Yes, I know.  He isn't eating much.  I have even made dinners, and ordered pizza, just to try and get him to eat.  No such luck.

I had to take Friday and today off of work, due to schedule conflicts between school meetings and G-man being out of town.  I have done some work from home, and went into the office for 3 hours yesterday (the kids were thrilled....).  I have some more work that I brought home with me yesterday, so that is another 1.5 hrs or so.  At least I have re-couped some of the hours.

G-man's payperiod ended on Saturday, so all the overtime (because this falls into a different category, overtime is approved) he has worked probably won't show up in his paycheck until mid-May.  Sunday started the new payperiod, so it is unclear how the overtime will work out now.  The first 8 hrs of the day are his "regular" pay, and then it goes to overtime.

Between the 3-paycheck April, and the overtime we will see in May, we will have a nice chunk of change to do something with.  I am sure some it will be spent on something for "us."  I want G-man to have a few bucks of "mad money."  The remainder....not sure.  Maybe debt, maybe savings.

This week will be a take it day by day kind of week.  We have our family function this weekend (and Mom and Dad are NOT coming....that is a whole other drama).  Need to find a dress for Sassy and shirt and pants for Bossy (darn kids....they grow....then stuff doesn't fit).  I had planned on doing that already, but Bossy's illness foiled that plan (he wouldn't tolerate a shopping trip)  and G-man wasn't home to be on kid duty. 

So, that is the boring update.


  1. Lots going on at your end. Good thing on the extra money. I think you should complete the EF if it's still at 80%, and see about maybe knocking off one of your house goals for this summer.

  2. Hope bossy feels better, it is hard to be sick, poor little man. Great about the overtime you deserve a treat!