Saturday, February 9, 2013

We got SNOW

Oh man....we got SNOW.

We were able to go in a little early for Bossy's appointment, and get out early.  Bossy was such a trooper.  He did over 4 hrs of testing STRAIGHT.  Incredibly proud of him.  We left the office at 1:30pm, and got home before the heaviest part of the storm.

The last time we saw a plow in our neighborhood was about 3:30pm on Friday.  The governor closed all the roads, and plowing had to stop overnight because of dangerous conditions.

G-man was supposed to be at work at 7am, and work a double shift.  He got up at 5am, and tried to shovel a bit, but he was going no where.  Here is a picture of our road:

That is our snowshovel at the end of our driveway, leaning against the snow in the road.  He wasn't going anywhere.  As disappointing as it is that we are missing out on the overtime, there is no way he was getting to work.  And no amount of overtime is worth his safety.

Areas are reporting about 3 feet of snow.  CRAZY.

Sassy helped shovel.  She is still earning money for her brother's broken tablet.  G-man shoveled the side walk at 5am, and by 9:30am, there was a few inches on the sidewalk again.  So she was able to go in behind Dad and clean up.

G-man is 6'4" and the snow comes up to his mid thigh.  Sassy is 4'9", so it is over her waist.

At least we have power!  We have food.  And we have a surprise family day.  Going to play some games, watch some movies.  Dinner is going to be cheddar bacon potato soup.  So it could be worse.

Hope everyone else is ok out there!!!


  1. You do have SNOW! Glad you have power and glad I live where it doesn't snow very often or very much :-)

  2. Thanks for the update; so glad you and the family are ok.

    I thought of you yesterday evening as my partner and I watched the news (sitting in our 70 degree weather). I shared your predicament with Kat, and it must have sat with her because she asked me this morning if you had posted an update yet! I'll be happy to pass this good news on. Y'all enjoy your day!

  3. WOW! I have never really seen snow - so this is amazing! I am glad you all are good to go and were able to get the testing done.

    Have a fun family day!

  4. WOW!! I haven't seen snow like that in years!! Glad you have enough food and everything! Stay warm!

  5. Glad you all still have power and you're safe. Glad G-man is staying home too... as you said, no amount of money is worth his safety. I would totally love to get some of that snow over here in MD, but not happening... stay safe and warm!

  6. Wow!!!!! I am a Canadian living in Canada's snowbelt and haven't seen that much snow in almost 20 years.

    You know it is bad when snow plows get pulled off the road. And yet...there will still be some moron out jogging or biking :)

    Glad the testing went well.

  7. I got up first thing this morning and wanted to check on you! Good you are okay. Bummer about the Over time, but a family day, enjoy.

  8. We missed the snow this time. It is funny that the Canadians say they have not seen so much snow in years, because about three years ago we had snow up to our shoulders (and I am nearly 6'.)

  9. I am so glad the testing went so well. Bossy is growing up huh? That snow looks beautiful. Enjoy your family day!!

  10. Well, look at the $ you're saving on a gym membership! Good golly, we've never had snow that deep here. Sounds like the perfect family day & what a blessing you have power still. Be sure to keep posting so we know your ok

  11. Was thinking of you and praying everyone was safe and warm. Stay safe

  12. Glad y'all got back safely!!!! Hope you enjoyed the family day!!!

  13. Heh, looks like my childhood growing up in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. I lived there during some of the heaviest snowfall years. I used to create tunnels in the snow and sled down the snow piled against the house. Great fun as a kid, not so much as an adult.

    If you end up expecting more, the trick is to shovel the snow into great piles in the middle of the lawn, thereby making more room for the next snow fall. That way you don't have to lift the shovel over your head. They used to haul away truckloads of snow all winter to make room for more.