Thursday, February 7, 2013

I Love Snow...just not tomorrow!!!

UGH. Here in CT, we are expecting 15+ inches of snow tomorrow into Saturday.  It will start at day break, with the heaviest portion in the afternoon/evening, and ending around lunchtime Saturday.

For most people, this is AWESOME.  It is a Friday.  Long weekend, baby!  I am pretty sure school will be cancelled.  I am pretty confident that my office will be closed, or at least will close early.  In the ideal world, our family (G-man is off on Fridays) would hunker down, watch movies, drink cocoa.  Enjoy a nice big storm.

Yeah, that isn't happening.

Bossy has a Neuropsychology evaluation scheduled for tomorrow.  This was recommended by the school (and they are paying for it!!!  This is like a $3000 eval!).  It has been scheduled since late December.  It is scheduled from 9:30am-4:30pm.  Yeah, that long.  Part of the testing is endurance.

The office is about a 40 min drive from our house, but going toward a more rural part of the state. Driving to the appointment shouldn't be too bad.  But coming home....during the heaviest part of the storm, with a child who has been tested for 7 hours (we are hoping he will be so tired he is just zoned out, vs. being wound tighter than a spring), when it is getting dark....Not happy about that.

We called the office to inquire about the snow policy.  The doctor was less than sympathetic (People don't cancel this appointment; I am from the Midwest...snow doesn't bother me).  He said if we cancel, it will be months before we can get another appointment.  And normally I would say fine, except we are on a time deadline with the school (all of his testing needs to be completed by a certain date).

So we "have" to go.  We are bringing lunch with us, since running out for lunch might prove difficult.  G-man and I will have a big bag of stuff to do all day, as we sit in a waiting room.  I will read, practice my crochet.  We were prepared to sit for the day, but now I have the added anxiety of how bad will the roads be when we leave.

Luckily, my girlfriend offered to take Sassy for the day if school is closed.  So Sassy will hang out with the kids, watch movies, play games.  She will have a grand ole snowday. 

Meanwhile, G-man just left for his shift at the grocery store, where he is trying to not let the mass chaos get to him.  Not sure why everyone acts like we will never get out to a store again.  Get enough stuff for a few days and move on!

So, now we wait for Winter Storm Nemo (Bossy loves the movie Finding Nemo, so he thinks this is great!).  Wish we could just stay home, but doesn't look like that is in the cards for us.


  1. I so understand having to make one of those specialist appointments. Sure hope you're able to make it there and back safely! We had 15 inches of snow here once and everything shut down for two weeks!


  2. I hope the testing goes by fine. Drive home safely at night. I think we are only in for around 8 inches of snow here in Southern Ontario, but I could be wrong. Roll on Spring right!!


  3. I'm sure the appointment will be rescheduled. Down here is the opposite it got up to 78 the other day, we were thinking of turning on the A/C.


  4. Be safe driving. Praying for safe travels for you and G-man and Bossy and that the snow holds off for the most part until you are safe at home.

  5. Fingers crossed for both the test & your safe travels back & forth.

  6. We have a storm coming that should hit tonight and end sometime tomorrow. The kids are already assuming it will be a snowday(there were 2 last week).

    I once cancelled an appointment with a psychiatrist, as I had a wicked case of vertigo brought on by an ear infection. The receptionist was a jerk about cancelling and the doctor dropped me as a patient. Whatever!!!! Some doctors think the planet revolves around them. Sorry you are clearly dealing with one of them. Hopefully they won't end up cancelling on you after all of this.

  7. Oops...snow day should have been 2 words. Duh!!!

  8. Do drive very carefully on your way back... it's a bit frustrating they're willing to put you and your child at risk to make the appointment. I'm sure a foot of snow definitely qualifies as an emergency situation, regardless of where you are from.

  9. I hate how some doctors charge a fee if you cancel last minute but yet they don't pay you to wait excessively when they overbook appointments.

  10. For Pete's sake. How frustrating. I'm sure the doctor is not fully considering what you might have to face going back. After the appointment, he's finished!

    Fingers crossed for you tomorrow. Hopefully it won't be as bad as predicted.

  11. It annoys me that the office was inconsiderate as well. Hopefully you'll get home before it dumps too much snow on the roads.