Wednesday, February 6, 2013

A boring post

Thanks to everyone who commented about my little crochet attempt.  I pulled it all out, and started over...making it a little longer just to get a feel for things.  This project isn't anything in particular, so who cares.  My second attempt is a little better, but still has a ways to go.

Meanwhile, back on the farm....Things are ok.  Not terrific.  Not horrible.

Cars.  G-man will be getting his new tires on Tuesday.  Between some overtime, car savings, and holiday pay, we have the cash for this.  It still kills me that $580 of the $730 we are spending was going to go to other things, like house stuff.  But tires beat house stuff.  We will bring my car in next week to figure out my tire issue.  G-man will have overtime on his next paycheck (2/18), so there is a good chance that will go to my car expense.

Medical Reimbursement.  I have to say, our FSA works great.  We get an automatic deposit when something goes through insurance.  However, it is up to the provider to submit the claim, and some are faster than others.  We have several co-pays that we are waiting on the reimbursement.  Driving me nuts!

Snow.  This winter really hasn't been that bad.  The kids have had 1 official snowday, and a few early dismissals and delays.  They are calling for snow on Friday, which normally would be fine, as G-man is home.  But we have an all-day evaluation for Bossy scheduled and are waiting to hear back from his office about his snow policy.  If his evaluation is cancelled, then I will go to work, assuming my office is open.  Part of me says screw it....I was already scheduled off.  But knowing there will be another day in the future where I will have to take off....I don't want to loose 2 days pay.  Snow is great when you can sit on the couch and just watch it.  Not so great when it messes up plans.

I do have some other updates to the side bar,  but decided to stick to the every 2 week schedule that I arbitrarily picked.  By the next update, there will be several more payments that will have been made, so it is always nice to see the big drop.  Plus some other stuff, so that keeps everyone waiting and guessing.  :)

Have a lovely Wednesday!

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  1. Glad that you are getting both cars taken care of. Those things are better taken care of earlier rather than later, especially if you guys get a lot of inclement weather. I do agree that snow is lovely (and I still dont mind it if it ruins my plans), but I know that is especially hard on parents. Hope it's not too bad of a storm!