Saturday, February 2, 2013

Saturday putzin'

My day started with a jolt.  G-man set his alarm for PM instead of AM by mistake, so when he woke up at just after 7am...he started yelling obscenities.  See, he is supposed to BE at work at 7am.  And work is 30 minutes away.

I attempted to go back to sleep....yeah, no. 

Now I am trying to figure out my day.  Lots of ideas....just gotta focus.  Bossy has an appointment at noon, so obviously that is on the agenda.  I have paperwork to fill out for Bossy's neuropsychology work up on Friday (basically it is looking at HOW he thinks.  School is paying for it...but it is an all day testing for the kid.  He is going to be TIRED at the end). Want to finish the taxes.  Laundry.  Kitchen clean up.

I am thinking that today will be the "finish up" day.  Like, fold and put away the laundry that is already clean, but not starting new stuff.  The house needs a general picking up....but tomorrow will be the "cleaning" day.

I told G-man he could pick any dinner he wanted, since he is the one having the rough day. He picked at least that is easy.

I have some other stuff to share...but decided to wait a bit.  :)  No, it isn't a new job.  No, I am not pregnant (wouldn't THAT be a surprise!). 

OK...a few more sips of coffee, and I am off like a herd of turtles.


  1. Off like a herd of turtles.. haha! Love it! Have a great day! :)

  2. You got a new puppy? Haha. I like surprises, and if it made you smile, hopefully it's a good one. Poor G-man. I've been in that late-awake panic, and it truly ruins your whole day. Good luck with the picking up!

  3. Your post reminds me -- taxes. I can't believe it's already time for taxes. I've got to get on that one too. Good luck with your day!

  4. A lot of satisfaction can come from a finishing day. Hope all the loose ends get tied up :-)

  5. Poor G-man....there is nothing worse than waking up and realizing you are late for work. Or actually, waking in a panic thinking you are late, only to realize you don't work that day :)

    Had to laugh at the "Off like a herd of turtles". Will have to remember that one.

  6. How about a thundering herd of turtles?