Sunday, February 3, 2013

GBU - February 3, 2013

Groundhog predicts 6 more weeks of Winter.  You ready??

  • First "normal" paycheck since October!!  As in, normal amount of hours (for 3 months, EVERY paycheck had a day off due to illness or something, holidays off, etc)
  • Heard back about our Financial Waiver application for Bossy's supplies....while not a complete waiver, we got something!  More later.
  • Started a new hobby....crocheting!  This will be a very short post in a few minutes...I need the "experts" to tell me something.  Click here to see my little attempt
  • Submitted my first application for a new job.
  • Boss was out on Thursday and made for such quiet, non-stressful days.
  • G-man and I had lunch together on Friday.....first time in probably 8 months.
  • G-man's tires will be about $130 more than we anticipated.
  • Almost done with taxes...looks like we owe both federal and state.  We have it set aside, but bummed that we owe.  Debating how to handle this (change withholdings?  start saving for taxes next year?) for next year.  The wild card is what will happen with my job.
  • Possibly ruined my sweater with fast food (wish me luck....I am washing it today!)
  • Dealing with a "lost" check (mailed to a now closed lock box, and don't know what happened to it.  Hasn't cleared the account.  But don't want to pay to put a stop on it yet).

  • Paid the extra high electric bill, and car taxes, and trash bill.
  • Discovered how bad Sassy's carpet is in her room....and now are considering if we have to replace it sooner than later.

  • G-man took a first stab at our taxes.  He NEVER does this stuff.  I still need to add in the charitable giving, personal property stuff, and look it over.  But he put in all the big stuff.  
  • Sassy won an art contest at school.
  • Bossy is really just so funny.  Daily he comes up with something that has us in stitches.

You know the deal....what are your GBUs this week?


  1. I'd see how the taxes work out and then look into the carpet. Are you putting new carpet in or non carpet? The tires might go down since a lot of places do tax sales. Good luck!

    1. We know we aren't getting anything back in a refund. We are just trying now to off set as much as we can.

      Tires...we have checked in to several places, and this price seems to be it. I haven't seen any sales in awhile. And this needs to be done sooner than later.

      Carpet....when we pull up the carpet, I would like to put carpet in (her room is about 10x10, plus a small carpet). G-man likes hardwood. But I won the carpet war when we did Bossy's room last I expect that I would win this. Because of the size of her room....I would love to get a big remainant, but then would have to figure out how to install it.

  2. I think that for the taxes, increasing withholding is the way to go... something will always come up, and if that money is sitting around looking pretty waiting for next tax time, you may use it by mistake or temptation, and it will make it harder next year.

  3. I see good things, lots of them. Congrats to Sassy :D And I'm so happy you're hooking!