Sunday, January 27, 2013

GBU - January 27, 2013

Is January REALLY almost gone???

  • It was nice having a Three Day Weekend last weekend.
  • Friday night was our first Friday night in a month that we didn't have something going on!!
  • Technically this belong to next week, but I figured out when I handed in my timesheets that my paycheck on Wednesday will be the first "normal" one since October!
  • Submitted our Financial Waiver application for Bossy's supplies.
  • Job hunting isn't going well.  I am having a great deal of difficulty figuring out what it is that I am looking for.
  • $200 dentist bill for the didn't cover stuff even after we hit our out of pocket max because "dental" doesn't count.

  • Sassy BROKE Bossy's tablet (that Santa brought ONE month ago).  She will be working off the month for a replacement.
  • G-man's car needs new tires, and 3 of my tires are leaking.

  • We went to the library to get some new books for the kids.  Bossy has fallen in love with the Magic Tree House series.  He was so excited about the next book (because we HAVE to read them in order), he started reading it in the car.

You know the deal....what are your GBUs this week?


  1. My son discovered the Magic Treehouse books when he was 10. Hadn't been much of a reader until he found those and then I think he read them all in about 3 weeks. Great books :-)

  2. My kids liked those books too - I miss seeing them reading them :(

  3. I actually read the faces as: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly, and realized there were no subtitles. Ha! Hopefully you can get good deals on tires. A lot of places have those sales going on, and I think it's a prudent purchase to make. No GBU this week. I've just been feeling a bit down overall, and a ghost has taken my camera battery this afternoon. Not happy!

  4. My son flew through the Magic Treehouse books as well. He LOVED them and as entertaining as they were, he was always coming back with facts about history, art, science, etc he learned because of them. Great pics, Bossy! =)