Wednesday, December 5, 2012

To my husband

First of all.....I will have Secret Sister pictures to share for tomorrow!!!  My box was a little delayed, so I know that most people are done with this already.  But alas....I can only do what I can do.

This post is all about the Shout-Out to my husband. (So much better than the Shout-ing!)  I will say that the contents of this post are a long time in the making.  This is NOT how things have always been.  In the past year, G-man has made alot of positive strides so I wanted to honor that today.

Monday night I came up with this ridiculously long To-Do list that wanted to do that night (hahaha!)  While I did make a dent in it....all 27 things didn't get done.   Color me so surprised (what color is surprise anyway??).

I left the list on the counter....not because it was passive-aggressive...not because I was hinting.....but it was the only place on Monday night that it wasn't in the way, and I just left it there.

I had a crazy day yesterday...friend dropped off her kids at 8am, I had an appt at was non-stop, 50 shades of chaos.  I got phone call at 5pm regarding PTA stuff.  I had a board meeting at 7pm.  I was home about 15 minutes from 9am until 11pm.

During the day, I would get miscellaneous text messages from G-man.    Hope your day is getting better.  Love you.  Kiss kiss.  Very sweet.

But the ones that really made me cry.....lists of things he did from MY to-do list.  I didn't ask him to do them.  He saw the list....knew I things were crazy....and just did them. He:

  • Ran to Walmart and picked up a few things I needed, in addition to a gift card I needed and Bossy's gift from Nannie (score!  $179 basketball hoop for the Black Friday price of $99!  And Nannie even sent us the check before she left for her vacation).
  • Cleaned the cat box and washed the food dishes.
  • Set up the tree in the alcove (with lights)
  • Fixed Sassy's tree (but thanks to Angie for a great idea for next time!!!)
  • Ordered the Christmas Cards (I was having issues with the discount code)
  • Took the empty totes to the attic
  • Did some dishes
  • Took out the "extra" trash (all those misc. bags that end up around the house).
Plus, he made me a PB&J for dinner for my 15 minutes that I zoomed in and out.  Not a word about all the time I wasn't home that day.  Nothing about when I will be home (which as stated...wasn't until 11pm).

So to my husband....who finally got the concept that it isn't about the material things that we can't buy...but the fact that you finally realize that I appreciate this kind of thing WAY more than anything else....thank you, and I love you.

He is out in the field today for work....and it is going to be a dangerous day.  So please keep him and his colleagues in your thoughts today for a safe return.


  1. What a sweetie! I'd fall over and faint if my dh ever did that for me :-)

  2. Safe return for him. And aawww. What a dude. It's the small things that matter the most. Or in this case, the bigger ones too!

  3. I love this post. So happy he was so helpful - what a wonderful surprise for you!

  4. So glad for you that he stepped up for you. :)

  5. What a gem. My husband could no more order cards off the internet than he could fly to the moon.

  6. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

  7. That was awesome!!! I have had to eat crow for a lot of my comments and am offering my sincere apologies. I really had no right and am not normally that kind of person. I hope you can accept my apology.

  8. Wow, what a great gift from G-man! :-)