Sunday, December 23, 2012

GBU - December 23, 2012

The Good:
  • Sassy won't need glasses for at least a year (but I won't be surprised if she does by the NEXT visit to the eye dr).
  • Lovely holiday concert at school.
  • Last day of work before Christmas was reasonably quiet (vs.  the EMERGENCY that tends to happen every year!)
  • Got a Christmas bonus in the form of a gift card (lovely thought, but since he has always done cash, it threw me off).

The Bad:
  • G-man is getting sick.  Cough, cough.  Hack, Hack.
  • Lots of laundry to do!
  • Ordered a gift for G-man from Bossy at a local store, and they "lost" my info, so they never called.  I stopped in, and found out the item is back ordered until January. 

 The Ugly:

  • REALLY struggling with my parental issues this week.  Found out that they bought gifts for everyone....but me and G-man.
  • Did a HUGE grocery shopping.  My heart stopped for a minute when I saw the bill.  But it was needed.  All food in the fridge and freezer(s) would fit on one small shelf.

  • No idea on this one......

You know the deal....what are your GBUs this week?


  1. Good: Christmas shopping done, groceries bought and all plans have been finalized.
    Bad: Went way over budget on gifts. :(
    Ugly: My brother and his family can't come home for Christmas this year. So I can't see my sweet niece and nephew till March.
    Great: A gift for my husband, that I thought would be delivered after Christmas, will arrive Christmas Eve! :)

  2. Sorry that your parent issues are casting some sad shadows at this time of year. You have made some great successes this year.

  3. Let's see:
    Good - all ready for the holidays, & very excited to se the family.
    Bad - my little guy was sick all week & is still not feeling great.
    Ugly - can't think of anything. It's been a relaxing few days around our house.

  4. Sounds like lots of good at least! :) How did you find out about your parents? You're not in contact with them anymore right, can you just tell other's not to mention them to you? You're never going to move on if you continually find ways to let them hurt you... :( Hugs!!

    1. My brother told me. We were discussing "gifts" and I asked him if mom and dad sent him something....he got quiet. He said "um, yeah....." And then changed the subject.

      I am not in contact with them....but called 2x after the recent check on the kids. Never asked how I was or G-man (who was in the field).