Thursday, September 20, 2012

Thanks to everyone on the input yesterday about the boiler.  As I said, we aren't sure what the "right" answer is.  In my ideal world, I would just have $7,000 sitting around, waiting for the boiler to break.  We will continue to discuss it, and eventually make a decision.

But today's topic....cell phones!

At the beginning of the year, one of my goals was to decrease the cell phone bill.  It was roughly $140 at that time.  In February, we re-newed  our contract and upgraded the phones.  And due to some changes in their pricing structure, and changes we made....our new bill was $183 (with tax.  It is $170 before tax, and we receive a 15% discount on the "talk" portion of the bill).

So now we went in the wrong direction.

Verizon has since changed their plans again, and are offering a "share everything" plan. Our new plan is unlimited talk and text, and shared 2GB of data (we consistently use about 1.5 GB between us, with the heavy end toward G-man).  This new plan, with our discount, now brings us to $138 (plus taxes).

We are pretty close to where we were.  The taxes won't change that much.  I am guessing the final bill will be about $150.  It is still a $30+ savings per month than what we have been paying for 8 months.  Slightly higher than it was.

So is that a Pass or a Fail on the goal??  It is $10 higher than where we started, but better than the $40+ we increased when we made the changes in February.  


  1. I went through that with the cable company last spring -- my rates had risen so I called to get them dropped back to where they had been. As it turned out, they were able to get me within $5 of where I had been, and with more channels, but still higher than I had been. I'm thinking of dropping it all together after football season, although I am finding I'm watching it more now that I have the raging case of empty nest.

  2. It is what it is. Everything is on the rise. Unless you can live with basic pay as you go phones, you probably don't have much choice.

  3. Cell phones are the bane of my existence. Expensive necessary evils. Kind of like health insurance.

  4. Brutal. I think we pay $26'ish for text & talk. No bels, no whistles. I'd cry with a bill that!

  5. I can understand. My phone is something I require to keep most of my sanity intact. I pay $70/mo for it, internet, minutes and all. As far as whether it's a pass or fail... by paper, it's a fail. And there's no shame on that! Not all goals should be full of wins. I think the share everything makes sense for you and G-man. Not sure what else to suggest to decrease it, but like Kim said, it's one of those necessary evils.

  6. That's good for now but don't forget the kids are going to want a phone soon, so that's going to set you back an additional $10 for each kid and you will need way more data with 2 more users. Also don't forget to factor in the cost of each phone, everyone wants a smartphone so that will set you back an additional $400 and since they're kids you may want to get that handset insurance?


    1. We are no where near letting the kids have a phone. At least 3 years away. By the time we get there, the plan will be probably be different.

      But you are right, once we add in more users, our needs will change. However, at least in the beginning, they won't have "new phones." We saved our old phone for when the time comes.