Friday, September 21, 2012

Fluffy Friday!

No big post today.  No life decisions or even money decisions.  Just a few light questions.  Take a minute and tell me about yourself!!

1)  Favorite Salad Dressing??

2)  Toilet paper....over the roll, or under?

3)  Have you ever had acrylic nails?

(Insert cute line here....if I had a cute line.....need to work on that!!) are my answers:

1)  I love Blue Cheese, but that is probably one of the worst out there for you.  I will usually pick Balsalmic Vinegar, which is still yummy.

2)  Over

3)  Yep, WAY back in the day.  I was in my early 20's, and they were LONG.  My real nails were under them, and they were long , so the acrylic just "protected" them.  They were so long the salon had to order special forms to take care of them.  I don't even want to know how much I spent.

C' along!


  1. 1. Mexi-Ranch -- mix ranch dressing with a bit of salsa -- yum and not healthy.

    2. Over

    3. No -- on the rare occasions I actually get any SORT of manicure, I've already ruined it by the time I get to the car. My hands are an embarrassment!

  2. 1. Light Buttermilk Ranch--- I know not the healthiest but so good!

    2. I prefer over, but have to keep it under so that it makes it harder for Jacob (my 2 year old) to not unroll it.

    3. Never had acrylic nails. I am not one to polish my fingernails. The last time I had a real manicure at a salon was after my daughter was born---so 6 years ago.


  3. 1. Honey Mustard or caesar. I love the Outback's salad with honey mustard, but mort of the time if we're eating at a restaurant or are at home I order or make caesar.

    2. Over and it's always over. If (and it's a big if) J changes the roll he likes it under, but I always change it lol :P

    3. Nails? What are those? I have a bad habit of biting my nails. Plus with the sports I participate in, nails are not necessarily a good thing. Not to say I wouldn't like to spoil myself one day.

  4. 1. Ranch, usually. But I don't put it on the salad, I just dip my fork into it just a tad before taking a bite. I use FAR less this way. Usually less than 1/4 of the little ramikan they bring it in at the restaurant.

    2. Over always, always over. Hubby feels the same, so it's great. My kids (17 and 19) apparently don't know the difference :) .

    3. Yes, I had them for a long time because I have such weak nails to begin with, plus I have a bad habit of biting them. I wanted them to look nice so would get acrylics. I had the nail tech cut them very short so they looked really natural. I would always tell them to make sure they didn't get them too thick, as that looks awful, in my opinion.

    Now, I use the glue on nails. I buy a large pack of 100 for around $5 or $6. Once I put them on, they last about a week and a half. Each of those packs will give me several applications.

  5. Sweet Vidalia Onion

    Over but if someone else puts it on wrong I won't change it.

    I have them! My real nails are so weak they are see-thru so I have acrylic on top. I used to get them done every 2 weeks (plus toes to match of course) but now I do them myself. I can even do some really cool funky designs on them.

  6. Blue Cheese, don't worry about the calories, never worry about fat grams only sugar, so I eat blue cheese all the time.

    Over but it doesn't really matter to me.

    Short, short french manicure acrylics, A must for the medication I take that thins my skin, Real mails cause tears when I scratch and infection. But I play the piano every Sunday and the Choir director complains if they are long. Like the old bitty really hear my nails clear over at the organ! Hate spending the money and time, but i look at it as medicinal.

  7. 1. I don't like salad
    2. I don't use toilet paper
    3. I have strong nails and used to polish them myself (I'm from the day when regular people didn't go to salons for their nails, that would be like pretending you're rich, and it was also a little overly prissy to make a big deal out of nails.). Now I just trim them a little longer than the nail bed - who cares what they look like? Fingernails are only fingernails.

    I was kidding about the tp. Over the roll. Why would anyone want it hanging in such a way that you have to reach under and behind the roll to grab some of it?

  8. 1) Ranch. I am sure it has something to do with the visual.
    2) Over. I didnt think under was an actual thing until a co-worker kept doing it.
    3) No.

  9. 1) Ranch (though I do like Blue Cheese too
    2) Over
    3) Never have, but I have nice natural nails so never have felt the need for fake ones, nor had the money for them.

  10. 1)If I have to have salad dressing, a herby vinaigrette with freshly ground pepper.
    2) over
    3) Never had acrylic nails, can count the number of manicures I've had on one hand.