Wednesday, September 5, 2012 better not!

Murphy has already decided that my basement is his new playground.   I have no idea is musty, dank.  The cat box is down there.  We have a  bunch of boxes that we really need to go through and probably pitch the majority of it.

So we already know about the washer (which by the way....the part hasn't come yet.....), which is also in the basement.  But, this one really has me scared.  This is a BIG one.

The hot water heater.

Our furnace is combined with the hot water heater.  Our hot water also heats the house via the radiators (which is why we don't get a HOT shower in the winter....the radiators take most of the hot water).  But when the heat isn't on (like now), we have never had a problem with the hot water.

This morning....G-man couldn't get hot water (or very much) in the shower.  I couldn't get much hot water in the kitchen sink.  My shower was ok though.

This concerned him enough that he went into the basement to check it out.  Didn't see anything externally (like standing water).  But our furnace is is about 50 years old.  It isn't efficient.  But it is also about $12-$15,000 to replace.    We have the furnace cleaned yearly, and in the 11 years we have owned the house, we have only had 2 problems (a burnt out motor about 7 years ago), and the oil leak from the lines connecting the tank and the furnace (5 years ago).

The service technicians tell us the same thing each year....yeah, it is old.  Keep it maintained.  No idea how long it will last...these old timers are unpredicable.

Man....I am soooo hoping that this isn't the start of a BIG repair.  Repair....hahaha.  It would probably be a replacement.  That opens another can of worms.....I am not going to go there yet.  Hopefully it is just a hiccup and not the beginning of the end!


  1. It is going to be fine, kick Murphy out, I am saying a prayer.

  2. Fingers crossed that is just a hiccup as well... 10-12k to replace is WAY too much. Murphy really needs to find somewhere else to go.

  3. Hoping it's one of those things that because they're old they're well made and will keep going and going until kingdom come with just some help here and there.

    Can I just say? stories like this make me LOVE LOVE LOVE renting

  4. I hope this is one of those times when you worry and it turns out to be a $50 repair. I do feel your pain. I worried for years about our AC because it had a slow leak. We had it serviced twice a year; each year I wondered if this were the year we would have to take a $6,000 (or more) hit. It happened last year. We had some saved but not enough and we're still paying it off, but at least I no longer have that worry of 'when will it go'? Still, fingers crossed you have a simple and inexpensive fix.

  5. How about getting a home warranty now? that will probably cost 400 to 500 per year but that could offset the cost of a new furnace in the future.


  6. oh no! that is horrible.... we just replaced our furnace & a/c this past spring... but it didn't cost nearly as much as yours will cost you! That is a ton - hope it isn't the beginning of the end for it!