Thursday, September 6, 2012

Lots of Nothing Updates

Quick updates:

1)  Washer.  The part arrived yesterday.  The repair guy can't come until 9/11.  So now we wait.

2)  Hot Water.  G-man reset the controller, and all seems better now.  Hoping it was just a fluke thing, but we both know that if this problem starts happening on a more regular basis....more intervention may be needed.

3)  Closet.  G-man hasn't touched it since Tuesday.  I am hoping tomorrow he will get another coat of spackle on, and MAYBE by Saturday we can repaint the area.  Even if that is the will be 9/11 before he will be able to reinstall things.  Meanwhile, it is oh so much fun digging through piles to find what you need.

In other rambling items.....

Budget.  This weekend I will work on the budget.  The realization that there are items that are are lacking on the budget means moving things around.  I am also going to call Verizon and see if the "share everything" plan will help us save anything (we are low data users, and most places we are have WiFi). 

I am trying to keep in mind that our taxes will probably change in February or March.  Since we adjusted our taxes based on what we have paid this year, I have a feeling we have some "extra" coming out right now to make up for the past months.  Once we do our taxes, we will have a better idea of what needs to come out (and will have 10 months to adjust for it, not 5).  So the budget will be a 6-month one...with reevaluation at the end.

Catch-up.  G-man gets 3 paychecks in October, so I am planning on using the majority of the "extra" check to play catch-up on the CC that got nasty this past month.  We have "half" our mortgage payment direct deposited into our savings account per paycheck, so by default...we will have 3 of those.  We don't use the grace period for our mortgage, so we can use it as soon we get it.  And that bad boy is becoming a payment as soon as it hits.

Home Office.  Needs some TLC.  I am still not happy with it's function.  I would like to put a line item in the budget to save up for the materials I need to make this work.  I realize it will be a VERY small line item, but at least it will give me hope that I will get there.  I am also planning on putting the materials on my "Christmas" list.  Maybe a husband or child will "gift" me some!!  G-man always wants me to have things that are more "just for me" but I really want this pick me up for my office area.  I spend so much time working on the computer (between PTA, work I bring home, researching things....oh yeah, and finances!), I want a space that really jazzes me.  I started back in February with my makeover, but it hasn't gone much further. 

Bossy's room.   I still owe you all pictures!!!  Let me get the stupid closet fixed, and then I will reveal!

Did I miss anything????


  1. That wash machine would be driving me crazy, can't wait for you to get that fixed.

  2. If getting the part for the washing machine wasnt enough, now you have to wait for the repair guy. Man, that bites. I hope that's the last of the problems in that whole room for a while. Awesome that G-man gets a 3-check month in October!

  3. Won't you be sooo glad to have your washer back!? Hope the rest of September is smooth sailing for you guys!!:)

  4. While you're reworking your budget you might want to seriously consider a line item for replacing your furnance/hot water heater combo if you don't already have it there.
    With it being so old and inefficient and you've gotten 11 years out of it, it's only a matter of time before it craps out for good. Don't gamble on it not having to be replaced before you sell and move on and it being the next owner's headache. ;-)

    1. This will probably be a separate post...but for the number of things that are old and it is only a matter of time before they crap out for good.....we have no way of preparing for them all.

      But yes, there will be a line item for "it broke" stuff. ;)

  5. Lots of nothing is better than lots of something that's for sure. Get your office done, it's awesome.