Friday, September 7, 2012

Murphy messed with the car

I would love to say...TGIF!  However, as our week has gone on...each day is getting progressively worse.  So now that it is theory....we are soooo screwed!

And the latest and greatest....G-man's car broke down last night!  At 11:15pm.

I had a rough day at work.  Came home and did some PTA stuff (we had an event last night).  Kids came home...HW, dinner.  At 5:30 we went to the event....and there were some problems.  Event ended at 8:00.  Got home and kids were in bed at 8:30.  I then spent 2 hrs doing work that I brought home with me.  So now it is 10:30.

I watched TV until 11:10 (I know this)....shut the tv off, and went to bed.

11:15pm the phone rings.  We all know that if the phone rings at isn't good.  G-man said his car was acting like it was back in April when we had to replace the alternator.  He wasn't far from his office, so he was turning around and heading back.  And I needed to come get him.

So I had to get 2 very tired and sleeping children out of bed to go rescue Daddy.  Bossy whined and yelled most of the way there (about 30 min drive).  Sassy seems to have inherited by ability to sleep anywhere...and went back to sleep in the car.

It was about 12:30am that we got home again.

So while today was SUPPOSED to be "fix closet" day for he has to drive me to work, go deal with his car, be home to get kids off the bus....come back and get me from work.  And then if he has managed to fix his car (in the parking lot at work), we will have to go back to get it.

We are hoping if it is the alternator again that it is still under warranty (it hasn't even been 6 months).  If it isn't the may be the battery.  I really hope it isn't anything more expensive!!!

This week soooooo needs to end!!!

ETA:  G-man took the alternator back, and it was still under warranty.  We were able to get a replacement at no charge.  G-man re-installed it, and he is back in action.  We will go down to his office and get it tonight.


  1. I'm upset Murphy keeps sticking to you like cheap chewing gum, but glad the problem came to an easy, cheap solution. Hopefully that's the last of it. Glad the alternator was still under warranty!

  2. Thank god it was the alternator (wow who says that?) and things are back to normal. You need to do a despojo on your house lady!

    1. Well, today is cleaning day....and I do have some white sage.....

      Maybe I do need to do a CLEANSING!!!

  3. Wow. Glad that worked out!!!! Murphy needs to leave our cars ALONE!

    1. Seriously....what is with all the car problems??

  4. Love your blog! I found it thru Mutant Supermodel. I will have to follow you and also some of the other blogs you follow. I'm a single mom now and I cannot disclose everything online right now b/c I'm going thru a divorce... but I could really use the support! :)

    BTW......... I have my OLD reading glasses on and at FIRST when I saw your global nav links I read "WINE list" instead of "Wish List" .... which is really funny I think.... :D

    Have a great day,