Sunday, August 5, 2012

GBU - August 5, 2012

How is it August already??!

The Good:
  • We got our $5 rebate on paint from Bossy's room (purchased back in MAY).
  • My shamrock plant isn't dead.  Thought it was, but I have a few new blooms.
(WOW, I am struggling on the GOOD this week)

The Bad:
  • Gas prices have gone back up again...we are at over $600 a month, and that is mostly going to work, not errands, extra trips, etc.
  • Adjustment in our tax withholding took place, and it isn't quite what we expected!
  • Our cat is too fat (despite cutting back on his food), and vet wants him on a weight-loss formula.  He is at risk for Diabetes.
  • Our electric use was WAY up from last year at this time due to heat (running the A/C more than usual).

The Ugly:
  • The loveseat broke (it is still useable for the time being).
  • Our local library has "bedbugs", so all materials had to go back.  That screws up Summer reading challenge for Sassy.
  • Very spendy weekend (sitter, ate out, boy scout event.... about $125)

You know the deal....what are your GBUs this week???


  1. Ouch! :( I'm soo glad I don't have to buy gas!

    - I received all the fabric for my orders.
    - My eczemas clearing up a bit
    - LOVE my new coffee table!
    - Just got paid for another set of custom orders so have a nice chunk of change saved up!
    - Received a new book I bought in the mail this week, and I'm loving it so far!
    - Zoo trip is in 6 days & the kids are super excited!! :)
    - Asthma hasn't been so great
    - Dr. informed me that they found an irregularity on Morgans EKG & we need to see a cardiologist. :(

    1. Hope you and Morgan are both feeling better!

  2. Good:
    -Um... there must be SOMETHING....oh yeah, I "think" I'm finished with all pre-college purchases

    -My house is completely disorganized as we try to organize all of the Princess's stuff to take to school.
    -Three doctor/dental appointments scheduled this week.

    -Spent a small fortune on stuff for college.... and I haven't paid tuition or books yet! Sigh.

    1. You do realize that once she is at school, she will realize all the other things that she needs!

  3. Love your blog Mysti! I'll jump in --

    -- Made a big decision about my career and am happy with it
    -- My partner and I have a day off tomorrow with no plans, just a day to kick around in

    -- My office looks like a bomb hit it and I'm not motivated to clean it
    -- Our bichon has a hot spot on his head :(

    -- We're over-budget for this budget cycle which doesn't end until the 24th; austerity measures are about to kick in

    1. Thanks Jessie! Hope you and Partner have a fabulous day off together.

  4. Bedbugs at the LIBRARY!?!? :(

    -Took a really long awesome hot bath last night. A real one. With lavender scented epsom salts. And some baby oil. And I used a masque thing on my face.

    -The kids are 99% ready for back to school. I just need these specific notebooks for Daughter.

    -Found three cans of beans in my pantry

    -Made my grandmother a doily for her belated birthday and she loved it so much she requested a matching one.


    -Pantry is the barest it's been a long long time.

    -Freezer is looking pretty naked as well.

    -Fridge looks like I'm getting ready to leave for six months. It's practically empty.


    -Well you read my blog so you know all about Ugly.

  5. I don't do these very often... so
    -Back to working at my part time job on the weekends, which means extra money!
    -Three paycheck month for August!
    -Trying a healthier menu for the remaining of the year
    -Spent a bit more on groceries than I was expecting
    -First paycheck is short by $90 to cover for extra day off
    -No extra funds whatsoever until after December! Ugh!
    -Still no EF, and my car is starting to sound funny. I hate funny noises in cars!

    Bedbugs in the library? Yikes!