Monday, July 9, 2012

A side project....sort of

Like I don't already have enough to do.  But I decided that this blog has helped me tremendously with my financial maybe I need another blog for my weight.

And while I was tempted to wait until everything was "perfect,"  I decided to throw caution to the wind and introduce it to the world.  Without further ado:

Learning to Grow and Shrink

This blog is going to be about my weight loss journey, and my journey of self discovery.  It is NOT replacing this blog....I still need you guys for my financial stuff.  But it will give me another outlet that is separate and different from here for those issues.

If you want to read....great!  If it isn't interesting to you....that is ok too.


  1. good for you! That is great!!!! I am planning to get back to my 'diet' when school starts - I like to work out in the am but can't stomach the thought of paying a baby sitter to get a on a treadmill or go to a class! haha... just need to watch to make sure I don't gain too much!

  2. Good for you Mysti! I will pop over and take a look! I am also starting to try to lose weight for the millionth time. Will be blogging about it too!

  3. Good stuff!! :) I'll definitely check it out & cheer you on!!

  4. Ok you have to come clean, you're going to have to post pics of yourself!! let's see them!


    1. HMMM...still debating this one. If I do post won't be of my face! MAYBE when I am debt free AND at my ideal weight!