Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The "Dreaded" Update

When the numbers go down....the updates are wonderful.  When the numbers go up....not so much.

Technically, the numbers went down.  YAY!!!!  And with the car payment later this week, it will go even lower.  YAY!!!!!  And by the end of the month, the student loan will have another payment under it's belt, and another payment to the retirement loan.  How low can you go....how low can you go (You know you just read that in that deep voice.....admit it.).

But my crown is coming.  Add money.  G-man has a dentist appointment next week.  Add money. And when we get the new bill for Bossy's supplies.....Add money. I did a quick estimate, and by the end of the month, we will be $400-$500 further in hole than we currently are.  BOO!!!!! 

I know in August I have 3 paychecks, so that will help.  My plan is to use "1" check towards extra debt payment (I use quotes since some will come out of each paycheck).  G-man doesn't have a 3-paycheck month until October.....but the plan then will be to pad some accounts, and the rest will go to debt.

Of course, we will have our Overtime money in September, but this will be minimal unless something changes in the next 2 months.

I already knew that the dental bill was going up.  I also know that the supplies go up.  None of this is new.  But it would be nice to be ahead of the curve.   Watching all the other numbers go down, and knowing that these numbers continue to go up.....it really is a bummer and a half.

After figuring out that we have to adjust our taxes withholdings, we will probably have even less money to work with on a monthly basis.  I don't care about a refund....I just don't want to owe!!!  I need to boost the income.  There is only so much room for cutting back.  I need to boost.  Need to think on that one a bit.


  1. Aww.. :( Have you thought about debt consolidation? My frend did that & she pays one combined lump sum each month. Its much easier it seems! However, you have to give up your C.C's while you're doing it, so if you're still using yours you'd have to go to cash only. Hope things work out for you, Mysti!! :)

    1. Oh, the payments aren't the problem. All of the major loans just go down. But Bossy's supplies are so expensive, so even though we pay something each month, the cost outpaces us.

      And the Dental....that is what it is. I knew that was going to be a hit.

  2. Dental bills really suck :(

  3. Stay positive! Atleast there is a decrease in debt as well - just think if you weren't making any progress at all and you got hit with these bills - just keep swimming! It will get better as long as you are still working to get there & you are, so you will be just fine!!! Good Luck Mysti